A free English-speaking club located in Chelyabinsk, Russia


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Presentation about Columbia by Alejandra

Alejandra, AIESEC intern from Columbia, is going to tell us about herself, her country and culture.

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Linguistic example sentences and word plays

  • Do you know a correct English sentence which consists of 8 equal words?
  • What sentences are used to prove the importance of punctuation in English?
  • Do you know English palindromes?
  • What is "a well-boiled icicle"?
  • How do they call this kind of squares?
    H E A R T
    E M B E R
    A B U S E
    R E S I N
    T R E N D
    And can you make the same but of the order of 10?
  • Do you know that mathematicians go to a Möbius strip club on weekends?

These and plenty of other word plays will be discussed during this period. It's going to be fun, don't miss it!

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Presentation: Old Church Slavonic

You may speak (and read) a perfect native Russian, but there still are some things you don't know about it. Many, actually. When and why did it appear? When was it first written down? Why many words have stylistic variants that only differ in two letters? Why is it that the priest in an Orthodox church seems to speak another language and the icon inscriptions look like a code? During the presentation of Old Church Slavonic, I will try to shed some light on these issues. You will learn to read the two alphabets, understand a basic text, and solve some Russian language aenigmae.