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Controversial Discussion Topics Day

There are topics that have been much disputed for a very long time. We’ve all been in an argument over many of those. In this meeting, we’ll take a few of those topics, hear most popular reasonings from both sides of the issue and get to express our own opinions.

We will certainly touch on following subjects, so feel free to prepare some lines of argumentation or examples from real life beforehand:

  • Corporal punishment in the home should be legal
  • For some crimes death penalty is necessary
  • Humanity becoming too dependent on computers is a bad thing
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Debates: This House Believes that Advertising is Harmful

Advertising has grown to be an industry worth many billions of dollars across the world. Online advertising alone is believed to be worth $24 billion a year. Almost all public space has some advertisements in sight and all forms of media, from newspapers to the cinema, are also filled with adverts. Whilst this helps companies sell their products, and helps consumers to learn what is on offer, many believe that this huge amount of advertising can be harmful. It may make people want too much, or things that they cannot have, or it might make them feel inadequate when they don't have something. Is it really that bad? Let's discuss.

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Discussion: Contemporary Art

What do you know about postmodernism? Do you like contemporary art? I don't, but many people do. Let's meet and discuss it.

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Discussion: Shopping on the Internet

Do you often buy stuff online? Are there any advantages or disadvantages to this type of shopping? Have you ever been scammed? What advice would you give to future online shoppers? Let's discuss!

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Emigration: Do's and Don't's

There’s the thought that has crossed everyone’s mind at least once: “is the grass really greener on the other side of the fence?”. But many of us either can’t find the guts to do that or are afraid not to succeed.

In this period we’ll discuss the key elements of the emigration that make a person assimilate in a new country, reasons that can and will hold you back in your country and the facts that you’d have to live with even if you’re successful.

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Presentation: Cybersports

Cybersport (that is, playing computer games like Dota 2) is now an official sport. Do you agree that those 'sportsmen' are lucky bastards? I sure as hell do; here, hold my be... or maybe not. How hard is spending hours hunched over a laptop with a headset on compared to a real sport? Should carpal tunnel syndrome now be considered an athletic injury? Let's discuss.

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White supremacy or white oppression?

Is white supremacy still a thing in 2017? Have fights over it gone beyond sanity at this point? Do many of "stop race discrimination" organizations twist the term of equality? This presentation will briefly cover the history of racism, we'll overview some of the recent incidents in this matter and discuss what should be the right thing to do with all that.

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Presentation: Am I a Loser or a Successful Person?

My presentation is about how we perceive success and failure and about expectations that our parents have toward us and our life.

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Discussion: Tidiness

Is it good to be tidy? Of course! But what if becomes so crazy that it stops other people from visiting your place? Lets talk about some really weird habits people have and share your opinion about that. Believe me my stories will make you surprised;)

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Presentation: PhD in the Univeresity of Montreal

I'll share my experience as a PhD student in electrical engineering and cover different aspects of a graduate student life. Questions are more than welcome, so please come prepared :)