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How I spent this summer: discussion and game

The new school year is here! Do you know what this means? That's right, the "how I spend my summer" essays. Let's discuss this burning topic, too, and share our impressions of that hot and sunny summer we'll all miss... but first, let's see if we know each other well!

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The Game of Truth

A simple and interactive game where everyone gets a chance to get to know others, reveal some interesting facts about him/herself, and finally speak some English!

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Discussion: Popular Art

What makes you like a work of art? Is it that the issues it addresses are somehow close to you? Or maybe, the fact that you like the protagonist, or that it reminds you of yourself? Do you like art because it reflects your world or rather because it gives you a different one to dream about? Let us discuss and then create an art work that is going to be popular with a large audience.

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Discussion: Houses

Let's do some craft-work today! Just paper, glue, scissors, your creative thinking and you become an architect and a designer of a nice, big, functional house.

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Discussion Game: Amusement Parks

Do you like amusement parks? Why do you think people like them in general? Are they good or evil? Are they evolving along with the technology, or are they going to fade away soon? Let us discuss this and then talk about what a perfect amusement park would be like.

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100 to 1

Do you know one of the most famous TV quizes? Here, you should know obvious things. Each question has popular answers. And if you guess the most popular answer, you'll get some points. Join this game and see how fast you can find a decison!

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There are neither bad, nor good ideas. They're just unique. For any problem we could find unusal and unexpected decisions. Feel free to suggest your own idea and exchange it with other people.

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The Big Word Game

A game that broadens your horizons, boosts your vocabulary, improves your English in general, gets you new friends and topics to discuss and is fun to play? Here you go, take The Big Word Game. Don't lose it!

Some Latin and Greek that you might want to learn

As you probably know, modern scientific terminology is largely based on borrowings from ancient Latin and Greek. Words of Latin and Greek origin, when encountered in English texts, could lead to confusion in terms of pronunciation and grammar. In this short presentation we will address some major irregularities of Latin and Greek words in English texts, speak a bit about grammar of ancient languages and play a hat game of scientific terminology if time permits.

And remember: you should learn Latin, because in Hell nobody's going to talk to you in English.

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The World of 2100: Your Predictions

It's around the time that Marty McFly traveled to now, and just several months left before we start flying hoverboards and magnify food on a regular basis (or was that a different film?). Or... do we? It doesn't matter whether your predictions are accurate or not; let's just share our views on how life will look like 85 years from now. You're a part of a futurologist team, and you are to consult your colleagues and present a forecast.