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Life of aristocracy in 18th and 19th centuries: advantages and disadvantages

Social differeces in history of many countries were one of the main features. Some groups of people had more influence than others. They also had more responsibilities. Is it good or bad? Let's think about it.

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How food works

We can hardly deny the fact that food is a prerequisite of the paramount importance replenishing our energy stocks, therefore allowing our bodies to function properly. Unfortunately, so blithe are we that we seldom give a thought to the processes behind our craving.
Let's dive into the science behind the world of wholesome and mouth-watering meals!

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How to Win a Debate: a Presentation

How to state your point (even if it's not really what you think) and prove it so that everyone is convinced? How to rebut even the strongest opponents' arguments? How to ultimately win this debate even if you have no chance of winning? Let's see... and then let's practice!

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Discussion: Love

We all hear the word LOVE in our life. But do we really know what that word means?Let's try to figure it out. You will know the three biggest mistakes that are needed to be clearified.

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Presentation: Brickwork

We've all seen brick constructions, be it a house or just a garbage screen. People have used bricks for a long time, and now we think that it's the simplest you can think of - but it's not true, even a piece of baked clay has its peculiarities. I'll tell you about the types of brickwork there are, where thet are used, and more about this eco-friendly and durable material that can help bring to life the ideas of many architects. We'll also try to do some brickwork ourselves!

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American culture in Cards Against Humanity

What is frolicking, prancing, and queefing? Who are the Amish, Dick Cheney, and Aaron Burr? What do a gassy antelope and a mopey zoo lion look like? Cards Against Humanity is soaked in American culture, which causes a lot of questions and interesting phenomena. I will explain a handful of cards you've promised yourself to google but never did, and tell about some curious statistics.

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Scoville scale of sauces

Let's talk about eating challenging food. How spicy do you like your sauce? How to understand when a sauce is actually spicy and why does a proper spicy sauce burns twice? That's gonna be hot!

GSM phones and cellular networks

Have you ever thought about how that device in your pocket works? Yes, the one you use to look at cat pictures and call your ex when you're drunk. What are its parts? How exactly do they make these? And, last but not least, what is it all called in English?
I will give you a review of techonologies used in production of mobile phones, talk about the evolution of semiconductors, and you'll learn the basics of GSM mobile networks. We'll also do a teardown of two mobile phones and see what there is inside them!

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Why is it so hard sometimes and why sometimes so easy? Let's see how we can help our brain so that it helps us.

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Presentation: Argumentation

What does it take to win an argument? Many would agree that it's a set of factors like strategy, speech, the situation and others. Argumentation is what we are going to talk about today. I will tell you about how to choose your arguments and use them wisely, why some arguments are better than others, and ultimately how to increase your chances of winning in a debate. We'll also have loads of practice, including a real debate.