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Richard Feynman. Take the world from another point of view

Short story about Richard Feynman, physicist, nobel prize winner at 1965.

Ways of thinking

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Levels of formality in English

English is a nice language: hello is formal, hi is informal, you say you for both you and you (you know what I mean). However, there are more ways to greet and address the you depending on whether this is your friend, enemy, teacher, boss, aunt, prince Charles or just a passerby zombie. Let us find out what they are and practice!

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Tests of English: an Overview

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The Slovak language

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Dear ladies and gentlemen, stop working from dawn till dusk and come here if you want to enrich you vocabulary by hook or by crook and are sick and tired of the chalk and talk approach. The long and short of this is that we’ll have an enthralling game with old and new binomials which are nuts and bolts of your spoken English. And of course, you’ll be provided with delicious food and drink as usual.

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The Swedish language

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The Spanish language

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The Italian language

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Hacktivism (hacker activism). Hacking for masses. Political and social issues


AnonymousIn the recent years the activity of hackers has undergone chages. Three or four years ago the mainstream idea was to "hack for money" or just for fun. Today, it's different: vulnerability of technical systems can be used for political blackmailing or extortion; the ones who own information and know how to use it can easily manipulate masses.

Initially hacker meant someone who knows something extremely well. Again, in today's mass media this meaning has changed. Nearly everyone can download some software which is easy to use, and hack someone's account, or simply get involved in a massive attack on Pentagon servers.

On the 17th of September a group called the Anonymous are organizing a  big event aimed at restoring democracy in the USA. This event is positioned as a nonviolent revolution. The Anonymous also get involved in the conflicts in Syria, Egypt, Spain, etc. 


  During the session, we are going to see a presentation of this phenomenon and duscuss the aims, results, and ways of such actions. We will also talk about hackers, Wikileaks, the Anonymous, LulzSec, LulzKittens, Low Orbit Ion Cannon, and FBI. 

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Meet Betty

Betty, an AIESEC intern, comes to tell about her life, work, and travels.