A free English-speaking club located in Chelyabinsk, Russia


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Scoville scale of sauces

Let's talk about eating challenging food. How spicy do you like your sauce? How to understand when a sauce is actually spicy and why does a proper spicy sauce burns twice? That's gonna be hot!

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How to make money using the Internet: a discussion

Myth or reality, the most popular ways to earn, how to get started and what to expect.

Discussion: Tattoos

What are tattoos, a prison ritual, a new cool trend, or an eternal cultural tradition? What are the pros and cons of getting a tattoo, and why sould one want it anyway? Let's discuss

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Discussion: Censorship

What is censorship? What has the right to do it and how far should this right stretch exactly? We won't be talking about any country in particular, we'll be talking about ourselves and the amount of censorship we feel comfortable with in our lives. Join in!

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Discusssion: Russian State Exam

The long-awaited discussion from our no-longer-a-schoolboy Danila. Is The Unified State Exam (ЕГЭ) good or evil? Does it reflect the students' real abilities and knowledge or rather offers a range of opportunities to cheat? Is it convenient for students, teachers, and universities? Is there any way for improvement or other options, or are they even worse? Let's discuss!

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Discussion: Popular Art

What makes you like a work of art? Is it that the issues it addresses are somehow close to you? Or maybe, the fact that you like the protagonist, or that it reminds you of yourself? Do you like art because it reflects your world or rather because it gives you a different one to dream about? Let us discuss and then create an art work that is going to be popular with a large audience.

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Debate: This House Would Limit the Fluent Speakers at Speak Freely

This question has troubled us since the beginning of this club: should it be free in the sence everyone can speak however much he or she wants, or should it be free in the sense everyone gets a chance to speak (and therefore we should limit the best speakers who have no problem expressing themselves)? Finally, we're doing a debate on this one. This is not an organizational meeting nor a brainstorming session though... just a great opportunity to speak. Equal. For everybody, free, and let no one go awat unsatisfied!

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Discussion: Houses

Let's do some craft-work today! Just paper, glue, scissors, your creative thinking and you become an architect and a designer of a nice, big, functional house.

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Discussion Game: Amusement Parks

Do you like amusement parks? Why do you think people like them in general? Are they good or evil? Are they evolving along with the technology, or are they going to fade away soon? Let us discuss this and then talk about what a perfect amusement park would be like.

Radio day

On 7 May, in 1895, Popov gave the first public demonstration of radio as a tool before the Russian Physical and Chemical Society in St. Petersburg. On the 50th anniversary of Popov's experiment, this day was officially marked as a Communications Workers' Day.

At this meeting we will see short retrospective of radio technology, traditions, and some random stories about radio engineers.