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Thu, 2018-03-22 19:00 - 21:30
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Presentation: Intelligence

What is intelligence?

We’d probably call a person intelligent if one can read upside-down or can multiply by two-digit numbers in a second or knows five languages. All of those are very different skills, but each of them can be used as a measure of general intelligence of a person.

Human intelligence has been researched inside-out and backward by psychologists for the past century trying to determine the keys to success in life. And, although there’s now a lot of studies that show different correlations between intelligence and one’s destiny, psychology still cannot provide a path to success to a random individual.

In this period we’re gonna get to know how you measure one’s intelligence, what IQ is, how it much it contributes to one’s quality of life and why average IQ score rose throughout past century and keeps rising nowadays. Also, we’ll get to discuss the fairness of IQ tests, popular hypotheses of intelligence and ways to prevent the decline of intelligence.

65 minutes
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Game: Don't Vote for Me

You’ve found yourself being one of the candidates for the mayoral election in the Craptown, a small, godforsaken place just outside of nowhere.

Apparently, there’s not so much time left until the voting process and you have only a few minutes to convince the citizens of Craptown that you are not the person they want as their mayor. But be careful, they are really passionate about their hometown and you don’t want to make them angry by disrespecting it.

65 minutes