A free English-speaking club located in Chelyabinsk, Russia

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The English Race: Verbs of Movement

How will you go to Speak Freely today? Will you come skipping and singing along with the birds? Or will you drag your feet there? Or forge through dense underbrush, or wade in water? Will you stagger? Or plod? Perhaps, prance? In any case, we'll look at these words and more, compete in teams, do some sketches and have fun.

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Team Game: Gadgets That You Wish Existed

With all the recent technological advances, life is getting easier, but there are still many things we could delegate to gadgets, like... what? Come to present your ideas and compete in teams over being the author of the most useful gadget.

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The Halloween Race

What does it take to survive the spookiest holiday ever? It sure takes a lot of courage, knowledge and creativity... and then a good company makes everything easier and much more fun.

This Halloween, you're going to compete for being the best at teamwork, scaring others, communicating in English and, essentially, halloweening.

ATTENTION! We suggest you come on time if you can: this way, you won't miss any of the fun (or explanations). Halloween costumes are welcome but not required.

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Humor Theory

Have you ever wondered why people laugh at jokes? Why some jokes are funny and some aren't as funny? Where does the sense of humor come from? Let's talk about humor and play some team games!

Family Feud

We will divide into two teams and play Russian version of this famous TV game! Simple rules and interesting questions! Join in!


Cowboys vs. Bandits

 Bandits are near the village, so who can save all citizens? Right, only cowboys! It will mostly require your knowledge of the USA and acting abilities. Choose your side and join the game!