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Presentation: Internet Security and Privacy

We trust our private data to the Internet more and more. And few of us are really concerned of the possible consequences. When someone’s sensitive data leak to the public we don’t believe it might actually happen to us. But what if this happens or even more - already happened without us knowing about it? Let’s have a brief practical insight into the subject.

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How to make money using the Internet: a discussion

Myth or reality, the most popular ways to earn, how to get started and what to expect.

The freedom of media.


During centuries we get information from media. Can we trust the media? How to determine this piece of information is true, or not? 

We'll talk about: Freedom of the press, Internet, social media. I'll tell you about the great chinese firewall. And why right now we need something like that. Also i'll tell you why internet is more totalitarian media than press and TV.