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Draw or Lose

Cold? Tired? Hypovitaminosic? Fancy having some fun?

Let´s play a game.

“Draw or Lose” involves drawing, guessing, discussing, occasional symbol creation and what-the-hell-is-it-in-English agony. Enjoy.

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Who I am

The famous sticker-on-the-forehead game. Let´s have some fun!

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Writing game

We've had several games lately, some of which were writing games but THAT game was played before only once. Don't miss the second coming of it! You will be given a topic (just not to make you lose time thinking what should I write about?) and one or several rules to compose your text in acordance with (such as every sentence starts with the same letter or use no words with the letter B). Come and write!


Actually when I wrote this message I didn't know what it will be. So tomorrow you will be able to see what I got


Actually when I wrote this message I didn't know what it will be. So tomorrow you will be able to see what I gotSurprised

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Games! Games ! Games!

We haven't really been playing for a long time, have we? Let's do it again!  Seize the day, guys. :)

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American student

A famous game, funny and easy. To the extent you make it so, of course. :)

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Humour in our life

How many times did you smile today? Why do people smile? What do you feel when you see a smiling person? Why humor is so important in our every day situations? Is there a big difference between our humor and that of other countries? 

We’ll try to discuss these and other questions regarding humor and have some fun.        


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Poker. Hard way to make an easy living! Wanna learn more? Welcome!

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Discussion: Spelling reforms


Finally: which rimes with "enough"
Though, through, plough, cough, hough, or tough? 
Hiccough has the sound of "cup."
My advice is to give up!
Did you know that there are 645120 ways to spell Muammar al-Gaddafi? OK, this one is foreign, but English quite ambiguous in terms of spelling, too. A spelling reform sounds like a good way out. Is it?
There will be a presentation about the attempts made, a discussion of pluses, minuses, and consequences of spelling reforms, and a game.