A free English-speaking club located in Chelyabinsk, Russia


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The Sketching game

This is a game of expressing and understanding ideas, which will get you face to face to communication in English. Welcome!

Game: Professions

This role-playing game is an excellent opportunity to become any person you've ever dreamed to be and use your speaking skills. Choose one profession for yourself which role you'll play in different situations and places that we'll face during the game.

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«How Do You Call This?» Quiz

Ever wondered how they called simple things like a grater in English? Sure!

Checked in the dictionary every time? Let us see...

The quiz will contain several dozens of questions about names of everyday life objects. Everyone takes part; the winner gets a prize, so don't be late!

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Got it!

The long forgotten game of vocabulary skill.

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This time you're going to channel your energy and creativity into playing with palindromes. Show your knowledge, learn new things and Pull uP your English!

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photo by Luke Hayfield PhotographyEver heard about Scrabble? If not, this meeting is a must! Scrabble is a worldwide popular table game about forming words from letter tiles that one draws randomly from the tile bank. Read more on Wikipedia or better come and try it yourself!

“Yeah, right, how do we twenty play this game for four?” you will ask. Well, first, there are enough tiles for everyone, so that we all can try. Second, Duplicate Scrabble (check it out). 

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Quiz: Slang

Cool, hot, lol, ROFL — you use these sometimes, don't you? Exactly, and in Russian you use even more slang than you think. We won't discuss it this time, but we'll check how deep is your knowledge of the commonly used English slan. Join us!

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English Wednesday in Fox&Goose

Meet people and speak English to them. Play games, discuss things, have a drink. Have fun!

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Game: Alias

We will play Alias, one of the most exciting vocabulary games. Join in!

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Quick and dirty English grammar tips

Tired of thick grammar books and everyday drills? Or don't even know what to start with? Whatever your situation is, I'm ready to give you some quick and simple tips to improve your English at once. We will also do some simple exercises to make sure you got it. Warning: the whole presentation is mostly for Intermediate learners. If your level is higher, you might get a bit bored (although there may still be some interesting points that you've overlooked).