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Fishbowl is a word guessing and memory game where Taboo, Password and Charades are combined. Try to explain the word "coat" without using the words clothes, cold, rain, weather, anorak. After that find out only one word describing "coat". And finally show it with your hands, head, face...

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How to win at Scrabble (in any language)

How much do you score for the game, on average? 150? 230? 300? 400? 600? What do you find more frustrating, Q or Z? Or have you never tried?

In this presentation, I am going to briefly explain the rules of this famous word game, talk about the most common success strategies and faults, give my own favourite tips, and finally we'll do some exercises and play a genuine game of Scrabble and see how all these things work together to help you win any game of Scrabble, any time, in any language.

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Making decisions: it's all about context

We'll discuss and then play a game of what decisions we make in different cases. Same situation, different context, different decisions. The most irrational ways to make decisions. We'll see if there are any of us who make decisions basing on imagination of our future self. Present self versus Future self.

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Opiata is a table role-playing game that requires your speaking, acting and thinking abilities. It is just as funny to watch as to play, though!
Game description (in Russian) 

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Guess a melody game

Guess a Melody Game

Do you love music? How many songs do you know by heart? We don’t care, come anyways and enjoy our game, live music included. A lot of challenging tasks, not only musical ones! You’ll have to use your mental and physical skills, memory and ear for music to guess melodies from all over the world. We’ll bring the cake…

The winner takes it all!

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There's an English saying that goes "You can't polish a turd." Despite that, bullshitting (saying nothing meaningful but still sounding profound) has become an art form. Come learn how to talk your way out of answering difficult questions, participate in class discussions when you haven't done the reading, and turn all your bullshit into gold.

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Quick-witted speakers contest

A funny game requiring all of your speaking skills as well as resourcefullness and knowledgeability. Join in!

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The famous speaking and guessing game (sometimes called Carabistouille in French).

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Timesaver Speaking Activities

Are you eager to speak, play, and have fun? Here we go!

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The Sketching game

This is a game of expressing and understanding ideas, which will get you face to face to communication in English. Welcome!