A free English-speaking club located in Chelyabinsk, Russia


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The Musical Evening

If you love music, karaoke or just singing songs, this musical evening is just the ticket for you! If you don’t love this or perhaps think that you’re bad at it, that’s all right. Who has ever stopped because of it?:) Never mind! The main thing is that your soul sings! You have the unique opportunity to improve your listening and pronunciation skills and to enrich your vocabulary! Karaoke battle, Guess a melody, Stars against karaoke! Everything at once, whatever you call it! Favourite songs of Beatles, Abba, Ace of base, Sting, Queen, Michael Jackson and others! We'll sing, play and just have fun! You’re welcome!

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Presentation contest

Have you noticed that some persentations need to be made out of nothing in just about 5 minutes? And they are still so good! In another case, your presentation is being made in a company of friends so no extra officialism. Anyway, I suggest you train both of these qualities during the meeting. Make sure you're in a good mood and ready for action. )

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something interesting

Some interesting activity.

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Pro and Contra

This is a game for everybody who wants to start speaking English, start speaking English better, and even for those who are sure they speak an excellent English already, because in this game you will need all the English that you have. In short, you are given a statement to stand for — or against — and an opponent who will fight you to the best of his abilities. Come and make a breakthrough!

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Linguistic archaeology session

Tocharian AHave you ever wanted to be the one decyphering ancient scripts, figuring out what the turns of speech mean that were invented thousands of years ago? As for me, this is really exciting. During this period, we will solve some problems that are all about exotic languages (you don't really need language to solve them, though, but a great deal of logic and attention), and then discuss them.

Here is a sample task for you:

  1. The most famous words in Pig Latin are ixnay, amscray and upidstray, meaning respectively 'nix', 'scram' and 'stupid' in English. Another interesting word is 'eggway', which means simply an egg. Translate the following phrase into Pig Latin:

    'I am from Russia'.

    (When you're done, go to http://www.piglatin.org/ and check your answer. If you liked it, come and join us!)


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Management game

This game trains your thinking abilities. You are going to get a product and try to figure out how to sell more of it. Fun!

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Haven't been partying for a while?

- Guitars and singing lovely serenades
- funny games (mushrooms, guess a melody etc)
- cooking and consuming delicious meals
- stories to share
- gift exchange
- beautiful people to spend time with

Come and join !

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Fishbowl is a word guessing and memory game where Taboo, Password and Charades are combined. Try to explain the word "coat" without using the words clothes, cold, rain, weather, anorak. After that find out only one word describing "coat". And finally show it with your hands, head, face...

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How to win at Scrabble (in any language)

How much do you score for the game, on average? 150? 230? 300? 400? 600? What do you find more frustrating, Q or Z? Or have you never tried?

In this presentation, I am going to briefly explain the rules of this famous word game, talk about the most common success strategies and faults, give my own favourite tips, and finally we'll do some exercises and play a genuine game of Scrabble and see how all these things work together to help you win any game of Scrabble, any time, in any language.

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Making decisions: it's all about context

We'll discuss and then play a game of what decisions we make in different cases. Same situation, different context, different decisions. The most irrational ways to make decisions. We'll see if there are any of us who make decisions basing on imagination of our future self. Present self versus Future self.