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Scrabble! no need to explain

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The UN Game

Today, you are a politician in the United Nations, and your mission is to talk others into voting for the laws you need to pass and out of voting for the laws you don't want passed. Beware of the bugs, don't trust anyone, speak English!

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Game: Council of Surgeons

The famous try-outs game involving a lot of speaking and leadership skills. 

Games! Games! Games!

It's time to play again! Today we have vocabulary games session! Seize the day, guys. :)

English accents

I will show you some short funny videos about different english accents, then we'll play tongue-twister games!

Mars company

I'm going to show you a presentation about brands and history of Mars company.We will also play a funny game after that!!

P.S. We will also meet some foreign guests from Sri Lanka!! Join in!

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English words

There are so many words in English that you cannot know all. Let's find out, who knows more and the most difficult words!

Musical game

If you love music, this musical evening is just the ticket for you! If you don’t love this or perhaps think that you’re bad at it, that’s all right. Who has ever stopped because of it?:)We won’t only sing! You have the unique opportunity to improve your listening and pronunciation skills and to enrich your vocabulary! We'll play and just have fun! You’re welcome!


Each person takes a turn choosing a word or phrase for one of the questions. Then the story is read! Consequences can also be played in a drawing version!

Phrasal verbs

The goal is to refresh, share and exchange knowledges we have!My presentation consists of:

checking and explaining verbs’ meanings and usage,perhaps trying different ways of memorization (including games),and working in small groups for getting best results!