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Stranger Things

Word games

Anna's bringing some new games to refresh our activities.

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Presentation: Introduction to German

If your German is limited to "heil Hitler" and "Hände hoch", this presentation is for you. You will walk out of Speak Freely tonight with some more hands-on knowledge about one of the most prominent languages of Europe and how knowing English can help you learn it.

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American Student, Level 2

Usually you are asked to explain a single word. Here you will have to explain whole phrases or even sentences.

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Game: Spyfall

Spyfall is a party game unlike any other, one in which you get to be a spy and try to understand what's going on around you.

Spyfall is played over several rounds, and at the start of each round all players receive cards showing the same location — a casino, a traveling circus, a pirate ship, or even a space station — except that one player receives a card that says "Spy" instead of the location. Players then start asking each other questions — "Why are you dressed so strangely?" or "When was the last time we got a payday?" or anything else you can come up with — trying to guess who among them is the spy. The spy doesn't know where he is, so he has to listen carefully. When it's his time to answer, he'd better create a good story!

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Do you still need to look at your passport every time you're asked for its date and number? Or search for your new credit card when shopping online? Can you call your dearest and nearest from another device when your phone's off?

Even if you're fine with all these things, be sure that you'll sharpen your memory during this hour! We're going to discuss and practice:

1) BASIC mnemonic techniques;
2) Remembering numbers and dates:
- Peg System (or Hook System);
- Phonetic number systems, and some others.
Bonus: Mnemonics for the number Pi!

Come and amaze your friends with your super memory!

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Game: Social Advertisement

You are a member of a creative team that designs social advertisement, and you've been putting off your project for the past half a year. Half an hour before the presentation, you've finally met to come up with something groundbreaking...

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Debates: This House Would Enforce Copyright Protection in Social Media.

Copyright protection is necessary to let creators sustain themselves and give us their new works. But recent development of digital technologies allow us to copy anything flawlessly and for free.

So how should copyright look in the era of digital media and social networks? Should we still enforce copyright protection even in memes or modify our opinion on that?

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Game: Don't Vote for Me

You’ve found yourself being one of the candidates for the mayoral election in the Craptown, a small, godforsaken place just outside of nowhere.

Apparently, there’s not so much time left until the voting process and you have only a few minutes to convince the citizens of Craptown that you are not the person they want as their mayor. But be careful, they are really passionate about their hometown and you don’t want to make them angry by disrespecting it.

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Tabletop Roleplaying

Is this the strange hobby for geeks when they gather on weekends and spent nights rolling dice and murmuring in a mix of nerdy slang and imaginary languages?

Yes and no. Of course such people still do exist, but nowadays not only obvious geeks like Matt Groening, Stephen King or George R.R. Martin participate in roleplaying games but even such brutal men like Vin Diesel or Dwayne Johnson and pretty women like Deborah Ann Woll or Sasha Grey enjoy them.

In Russia, however, they're not that popular. So what are they?