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Why Trams?

The tram is the oldest and one of the most popular kinds of transport in the world. Trams have been around a lot longer than many people think. It has about 200 years of history. Let's look at how trams have evolved and changed throughout their history.

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Presentation: Internet Security and Privacy

We trust our private data to the Internet more and more. And few of us are really concerned of the possible consequences. When someone’s sensitive data leak to the public we don’t believe it might actually happen to us. But what if this happens or even more - already happened without us knowing about it? Let’s have a brief practical insight into the subject.

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Afghan Script: the Funny Smile Face is a Letter

There are so many not very popular, but very interesting languages from the East: Afghan (or Dari) language is one of them. "But all these languages are like the Arabic language..."- you say. My answer will be "no"! They have a lot of similarities, but they are also very different. What is the difference between Dari and Pashto? What does this funny smile face in Afghan alphabet mean? I will try to answer these and other questions.

May the Fourth be with you!

May the Fourth be with you! Today is the day when all Star wars fans around the world celebrate the holiday. Lets discuss how Star Wars affected our culture/ Right before another holiday - Revenge of the fifth.

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Secrets of the cinema

We will talk about the strategy of audience involvement, drama characters and their motivation, and the classical scenarios and the theory of screenwriting. After that, we'll watch a short film to see how this all works in practice.

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Presentation: Mnemonics

Mnemonic devices are tools that help you remember info or facts. We are going to review some examples of mnemonics and see how they work. So, let's play and make our memory better.

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Linguistics: Why Do We Even Need It?

So, linguistics is the study of human language. So what? I can use language all right, without even knowing that linguistics exists. Everyone can! Besides, if there wasn't any linguistics, we'd still speak all the same languages, wouldn't we? As a matter of fact, practically everyone speaks English now, so we don't even need interpreters, let alone linguists. I've heard they can't get a job anywhere and even if they can, they don't really get paid. I mean, is that even useful? Should be fun stuff to do anyway, like being a dog surfing instructor or something.

If you agree with any of the above or you just don't know what linguistics is all about, come. I'll give you some examples of what linguists do, we'll do some easy tests, hopefully that'll be fun stuff, and in the end you might get an idea of why these people are still around.

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The Turkish language for Dummies from a Beginner

Why learn Turkish? Because it's a beautiful and fun language, you get to feel much more comfortable in Turkey once you can understand it, and besides (if you're Russian), it gives you superpowers: you instantly start understanding a lot of people who aren't even Turkish, and your mental activity gets a much bigger boost than from learning, say, German or Czech (or other Indo-European languages). In this presentation, we will get acquainted with the basis of this curious language.

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Odd Jobs

Let's get acquainted with some odd jobs.

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Presentation: Paradoxes

Aporias and paradoxes may seem to contradict logic, intuition or just common sense. But most of them may have some reasonable explanation. Let us discover some of those.