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Presentation: Wine

I will tell you some basic stuff about wine, such as what kinds of grapes and what kinds of wine there are and how to taste and analyze wine. Everybody is welcome!

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Presentation: Language Creation

How and why do humans create languages? How many constructed languages are out there and how many more will appear in future? Can you create your own language? We'll answer these and other questions, look at some of the popular conlangs and even try to make our own.

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Smart Home

Is it really smart now? What reasons to make you home smart? Are there any standarts?
Smart Home architecture and an example of low cost SmartHome using Raspberry Pi.

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Presentation: Abandoned cities

These cities are almost never visited by tourists, their residents are gone long time ago. Many are officially don’t exist anymore. But not being museums they are astonishing exhibitions of the history of human kind, some might call them snapshots of the distant past. Let’s take a virtual tour to some of them!

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Time management lifehacks

The world is developing and we are living at a fast pace. You could hear from many people:"I'm sooooo busy, I don't have time at all". But why do some people can do enormous effective job very fast, while others almost do nothing and they're always tired? 
There are a lot of reasons and one of the reason is organizon of time. How could we organize our time and get some results? Today I would like to share some lifehacks and personal experience with you in this question.
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Presentation: Psychology

In this presentation, I will tell about psychology as a science and its branches. We will also do some psychological tests.

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Presentation: The Disney Princesses as an Example of Evolution of Women's Roles

What can children's cartoons tell us about how we perceive the role of women?

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Physics: Atoms in Motion

Hacking 102

In the second presentation I will show you the basic techniques of hijacking and how to prevent it. You will see what is going on when you put your credentials in a browser web form and why it is not always safe

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Skoltech: educational and research facilities and services of a modern Russian research university

I will talk about innovative institute Skoltech, its facilities and how to apply to master or PhD program.

Also, I will tell about the scope of master programs and describe extracurricular activities in Skoltech.

My presentation will be provided with a bunch of photo materials.