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Presentation: Nutrition

We all eat to produce energy our organism needs. Every product we consume consists of micronutrients and macronutrients. Can we calculate the amount of energy and nutrients we need to function properly?

electronics manufacturing

Nowdays we are surrounded by electronict, but how it is made? On todays presentation you will see basic steps  you need to make, to go from idea to fully completed device made for specific tasks.

noobie friendly

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Presentation: How to Consume News and Stay Sane

I'll tell you what news do to you and what you should do about it.

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Presentation: Swearing in English

Lately I've been reading a lot about what you can call people you don't like in English, and I've found out so much that I've decided to share that with you. So tonight, we'll get to know all these words, where they're used and by whom, which of them are mild and which are not, and get some practice!

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Presentaton: Rocket Principles

What are the principles propelling rockets forward? What kind of fuels have been used throughout the history of rocketmaking? What will the future of rocketry be like? Let's try to figure it out.

3D printing

I think everybody heard about 3D printing and how it works.

We'll discuss the pros, cons, and perspectives of owning a machine like this and see it work.

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Traveler's Story: Traveling in Southern Russia Alone By Car

How to travel alone by car, what is there to see in the touristic places of south Russia, what to do and eat there and what not, all in a brilliant presentation by the owner of the best tan of Speak Freely.

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English Phonetics: Should You Get Rid of Your Accent and How to Do That

Many people believe their foreign accent in English to be a problem. Is it really so? Should you do something about the way you pronounce English words and what exactly should you do? Let's figure it out together during this workshop where you will learn how sounds are made, what exactly makes the sounds of English different from those of Russian, listen to some native speakers pronounce certain words, and get lots of practice.

Russian traditional Rag dolls

Russian traditional Rag dolls: practical part Once you had a theoretical lesson on Russian traditional rag dolls. Now let`s move to the practical part and make 1-2 rag dolls.

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Presentation: Diving

What is diving? Why do people do this, what it involves and where in the world can you dive? How do divers train? Nikita, an experienced diver, will answer these and any other questions in his presentation about diving tonight.