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Presentation: Memory

Memory is one of the most important human abilities. There is no “bad memory”, only ‘trained” and “non-trained”. Which are the main elements of memory? How could we remember better? Are there easy ways to remember information? Let’s answer questions and train our brains!

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Traveler's Story: Spain

Sasha Efimenko is going to talk about her recent trip to Spain.

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Traveler's Story: My Four Europes

What does travelling across Europe feel like? What are the special places worth visiting? Adventures, impressions and opinions - find it all in the traveler's story called "My Four Europes" delivered by Egor. Exclusively on May 23.

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Legal English: Contracts

Just like any real tough Russian guy speaks at least two languages, Russian and profanity, any English-speaking lawyer also speaks the Legal English, which can really be considered a separate language, with its own specific structure, words, and even grammar, and contracts are the medium where it exists. Tonight, you're going to get familiar with the structure of contracts, some features of the language, and some differences between the typical Russian and the typical American contracts (I'll speak a bit about the British ones, too). In the end of my presentation, you may be able to clearly see how contracts work and why they are the way they are, and maybe even compose some contracts all by yourself.

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Russian Traditional Rag Dolls

At first glance the Russian traditional rag dolls look plain, but in fact they differ from each other by their type, dress and meaning. Our ancestors highly respected and appreciated these dolls. Let`s find out why.

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10 Breakthrough Technologies

We used to talk about the amazing technologies we hope to have in the [distant] future. But what about today or (literary) tomorrow? Is there something cool you could get your hands on very soon? Yes, there is! And that's what we'll be speaking about.

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Presentation: Tesla Motors

In this presentation, we are going to talk about the cars prosuced by Tesla Motors.

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The English Grammar: Everything You Want to Know But Don't

Ever wondered about the English tenses and moods? Let us show you how very simple and reasonable they are.

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Presentation: India

Meet our guest from India and hear his story of this distant and beautiful land.

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Presentation: Natural Language Processing. Why machines still don't talk like humans

Marvin (the robot): I've been talking to the main computer.
Arthur: And?
Marvin: It hates me.

Douglas Adams, the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Let's talk about one of the most-awaited features of modern technology: the ability of computers to learn human language. Yes, we do have voice recognition just about everywhere, and we do have Siri that can even answer (or pretend to answer) most personal questions, and we do have computers that can, to a different extent, process text and create their own, sometimes indistinguishable from that written by humans... but somehow we still aren't there talking to our smartphones over a beer nor asking questions to a teacher assistant bot in a science class. How did we get where we are now, how does it work and why computers still haven't got the hang of natural language - let's see.