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Presentation: The Disney Princesses as an Example of Evolution of Women's Roles

What can children's cartoons tell us about how we perceive the role of women?

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Physics: Atoms in Motion

Hacking 102

In the second presentation I will show you the basic techniques of hijacking and how to prevent it. You will see what is going on when you put your credentials in a browser web form and why it is not always safe

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Skoltech: educational and research facilities and services of a modern Russian research university

I will talk about innovative institute Skoltech, its facilities and how to apply to master or PhD program.

Also, I will tell about the scope of master programs and describe extracurricular activities in Skoltech.

My presentation will be provided with a bunch of photo materials.

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Traveler's story: The Baikal Lake

Of course, each of you heard about Baikal. The deepest lake in the world, the cleanest one and the most famous national monument in the whole Siberia. Baikal attracts tourists, hitchhikers and just adventurers from around the world. This summer I had an incredible experience of living in such an atmospheric place. I'll tell you all details of my trip, and if you have never been there, it will be a good chance to know something interesting.

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Identity: you are what you eat and what you consume

 During the discussion we will look at the relationship between possessions and identity, and how marketing companies use it to influence consumer behaviour and perceptions. When buying a certain brand, what are we really paying for? Why do we purchase certain products and services? Why do people go on a diet? What are vegetarianism and veganism about? Why do we eat certain meats and not others? Is our identity defined by our possessions? Does it differ for men and women? In today’s society, it is easier or more difficult to attain self-identity?

Hacking 101, Intro

This is the first presentation in the series of a presentations dedicated to showing you how easy it is to "hack" things and systems.

Today we will discuss what is hacking, the variety of ways it can be done and what you need to do to eliminate the danger of been pwned.

And short hardware demo.

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Presentation: Long-Distance Driving

I will tell about my experience in long-distance driving.

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Antarctic Exploration

One of the most desolated, inhospitable and eerie regions on Earth, Antarctica has always been surrounded by an aura of trepidation and mystery. I am going to cast a light on how the exploration of Antarctica panned out, some eerie phenomena attached to it, what kind of difficulties have to be overcomed should someone consider embarking upon a trip there, et cetera. 

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How to Get Ready for IELTS

As you know, Speak Freely is holding a mock IELTS exam on November 17. So we decided to talk about the exam structure and give you a few tips on how to prepare efficiently as well as some example tasks to avoid the common mistakes. If you are not planning to pass IELTS, come anyway: you will probably learn a couple of new words (unless you are a certain Pavel Tashkinov, in this case you won't) and practice some more English.