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Jumping out of a plane and having lots of fun.

Step by step instructions what you need to do and first impressions

(no military style parachutes involved)

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American manias

I've gathered a lot of information on stuff that Americans are crazy about: coupons, license plates... what else? Let's discuss this.

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Traveler's story: USA

Impressions of pot-smelling, street-food tasting East Coast with hints of saggers and maple syrup from Daria and Mr. President.

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Emigration: Do's and Don't's

There’s the thought that has crossed everyone’s mind at least once: “is the grass really greener on the other side of the fence?”. But many of us either can’t find the guts to do that or are afraid not to succeed.

In this period we’ll discuss the key elements of the emigration that make a person assimilate in a new country, reasons that can and will hold you back in your country and the facts that you’d have to live with even if you’re successful.

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Presentation: Nuclear Physics

Uranium-235, neutrinos, beta decay... Vasily, our nuclear physics expert, is going to tell you all about it tonight in a hilarious way like only he can.

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Presentation: Intuition

What is intuition? What does intuition mean? How do we use it?

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Presentation: Kazakhstan

What country is famous for horses, kumis, Borat, and EXPO-2017? You're right, that's Kazakhstan. Let's get to know this country a little bit more and hear some personal experience.

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Presentation: Planning your vacation

How to prepare for your vacation so that you do and see all (ok, most) of the planned within the time scheduled and don't return tired like you have been working overtime. We'll use USA as an example.

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Traveler's Story: Germany

Castles, the SS-museum, and autumn views of Germany in a proficiency-level presentation by Pavel.

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A Man Bites a Dog, or Tough Questions about Language (part 2)

Do we think in English when we speak English? Why is it hard for machines to understand human speech? Why is it ping-pong and not pong-ping? The answers to this and other tough questions about language, fun facts, experiments and exercises tonight at Speak Freely.