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Presentation: Traveliving

"I'm Sasha. I've been traveling around the world for 10 years. I don't have a house, a city, or a particular country to come back to when I run out of money. I find having an "ordinary life" with a "home" and a career boring and unnecessary. ​ For me, "home" is our entire planet Earth, and I think that it is time for us to analyze what we are doing on it".


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Presentation: Culinary Chemistry

Unfortunately, the subject of food seems to be entirely omitted from chemistry curriculum. To bridge this gap, I am going to provide some examples of what can be aptly described as 'culinary chemistry'. What causes apples to brown? Why does the yolk of boiled eggs eventually take that greenish colour? Why are saturated fats bad for your health? Why do oils get rancid?

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Presentation: Sound Words in English

Vroom, whoosh, beep, bam! Grr... We'll look at some common sound words in English, and compete in teams to spice it up.

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Presentation: Business Correspondence Etiquette in Web

We dont post letters anymore. Or owls (yet) ;) But we still communicate with our colleagues, clients, employers. It is not the same as writing to your pals so knowing DOs and DONTs of it might come in handy.

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Traveler's story: Samara

A story of the two photographer's trip to Samara.

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Presentation: Modern Technologies in Cars

Vasya is telling about the cutting-edge technologies that are used in the automotive industry. Don't miss this fabulous one-man show!

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Presentation: Resource Based Economy

It's a new idea that can be described as a conclusion to all humanity experiments since the beginning of the first village in Mesopotamia, across the social systems that made by kings and philosophers, until the current system that we live in now. It's not socialist it's not communist also it's not democracy or capitalism; it's an Idea that had been never tested before.

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Presentation: Railways

Everyone has once taken a train. It connects various parts of the world or of a city (if it's underground). Some people love the romantic feeling of looking through the window and enjoying picturesque views, others pay more attention to the conditions on the train. Let's learn more about the history of railways, subways, some lifehacks and many other things. Join in!

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Presentation: Bitcoin and Blockchain

Almost a decade has passed since the publication of the original paper [https://bitcoin.org/bitcoin.pdf] that proposed the first decentralized cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin. Blockchain, the underlying technology described in the paper, very quickly gave birth to hundreds of alternative cryptocurrencies and other decentralized applications. In recent years, Bitcoin and blockchain have received a lot of attention in the media mainly due to the exponential growth of the bitcoin price. In his presentation, Dmitry will explain the basics of the blockchain and bitcoin technologies, their weak and strong sides, as well as the popular myths that surround these trendy topics.

Film photography

Long forgotten technique for making photos