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Antarctic Exploration

One of the most desolated, inhospitable and eerie regions on Earth, Antarctica has always been surrounded by an aura of trepidation and mystery. I am going to cast a light on how the exploration of Antarctica panned out, some eerie phenomena attached to it, what kind of difficulties have to be overcomed should someone consider embarking upon a trip there, et cetera. 

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How to Get Ready for IELTS

As you know, Speak Freely is holding a mock IELTS exam on November 17. So we decided to talk about the exam structure and give you a few tips on how to prepare efficiently as well as some example tasks to avoid the common mistakes. If you are not planning to pass IELTS, come anyway: you will probably learn a couple of new words (unless you are a certain Pavel Tashkinov, in this case you won't) and practice some more English.

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Tour Through the Solar System

I'm going walk you through our star's system focusing mainly on the planets and other significant celestial bodies. Im using Prezi for this instead of Powerpoint so expect a little bit diffrent type of presentation. This will not be a lecture: any questions are welcome, and dont be shy to interrupt! Let us all dive into these fascinating and unique worlds; nevermind the radiation: it will only kill you in an instance.

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Creativity and Thinking Out of The Box

In this interactive presentation, you are going to discover how to generate creative ideas and think out of the box, and maybe you'll even be able come up with a proof to just about anything in the world.

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Presentation: Kazakhstan

I was born and have been living most of my life in Kazakhstan. I'm not going to talk only about horses and yurts, there is much more to share and discuss.

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Presentation: Travel Life Hacks

Lifehacks are some pieces of advice to help improve our life, tips or tricks that will help you get things done more efficiently. Sometimes they are just an easy and convenient way to achieve your goals. So why don't we share them with friends?

Ilya is going to tell us about some travel lifehacks from his own collection and answer your questions about traveling and living abroad. We`ll be watching videos and even try to do some things by ourselves. Come and get ready to improve your life!

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Presentation: Nutrition

We all eat to produce energy our organism needs. Every product we consume consists of micronutrients and macronutrients. Can we calculate the amount of energy and nutrients we need to function properly?

electronics manufacturing

Nowdays we are surrounded by electronict, but how it is made? On todays presentation you will see basic steps  you need to make, to go from idea to fully completed device made for specific tasks.

noobie friendly

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Presentation: How to Consume News and Stay Sane

I'll tell you what news do to you and what you should do about it.

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Presentation: Swearing in English

Lately I've been reading a lot about what you can call people you don't like in English, and I've found out so much that I've decided to share that with you. So tonight, we'll get to know all these words, where they're used and by whom, which of them are mild and which are not, and get some practice!