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Generations X, Y, Z, and What Is Happening with People in this World Now

How technologies, gadgets and social media have affected the life of society and what are the dreams, goals and intentions of the modern teenagers.

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Presentation: Everyday Chemistry

The presentation I am going to deliver will shed light on a miscellany or items and processes accompanying our daily lives, ranging from air fresheners and disinfectants to nail polish and canned food. What causes the offensive smell of garbage? What do you fill your vehicle's fuel tank with? How does air conditioning work and how does it contribute to ozone depletion? What are the processes involved in making canned food? Although the scope of the subject and the time frame prevent my presentation from being a fully comprehensive and all-encompassing account, I hope to let you look at these quotidian matters from a chemist's vantage point.

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Presentation: Home Automation

How will machines and AI change the future of work and our daily lives? Sujit, an owner of an office automation business from India, is going to shed some light on this subject.

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Presentation: Intelligence

What is intelligence?

We’d probably call a person intelligent if one can read upside-down or can multiply by two-digit numbers in a second or knows five languages. All of those are very different skills, but each of them can be used as a measure of general intelligence of a person.

Human intelligence has been researched inside-out and backward by psychologists for the past century trying to determine the keys to success in life. And, although there’s now a lot of studies that show different correlations between intelligence and one’s destiny, psychology still cannot provide a path to success to a random individual.

In this period we’re gonna get to know how you measure one’s intelligence, what IQ is, how it much it contributes to one’s quality of life and why average IQ score rose throughout past century and keeps rising nowadays. Also, we’ll get to discuss the fairness of IQ tests, popular hypotheses of intelligence and ways to prevent the decline of intelligence.

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Unusual Holidays

There are a lot of different holidays in our official calendar. But if your heart demands more – you can listen about some unusual ones and choose something new for yourself.

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Tabletop Roleplaying

Is this the strange hobby for geeks when they gather on weekends and spent nights rolling dice and murmuring in a mix of nerdy slang and imaginary languages?

Yes and no. Of course such people still do exist, but nowadays not only obvious geeks like Matt Groening, Stephen King or George R.R. Martin participate in roleplaying games but even such brutal men like Vin Diesel or Dwayne Johnson and pretty women like Deborah Ann Woll or Sasha Grey enjoy them.

In Russia, however, they're not that popular. So what are they?

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Aviation facts

Today it's difficult to imagine our life without such comfortable transport. We'll talk about some aviation facts, its history and another things 

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Space Exploration: a Journey from the Past to the Future

How mankind explore the space? Why we do this? What do we know about space now and what can we do to know more? These and many other questions will be described at the presentation. You will see unique vehicles which explore the space now and will listen about magnificent data about our Solar System. You will know about nearest future of space exploration. We will discuss about what can each person do to help uncloak hundreds of questions and help to solve scientific problems.

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Presentation: Judo as Physical and Spiritual Development

Created as physical, mental, and moral pedagogy in XIXth century Japan, judo has evolved into a martial art and an Olympic sport. What is it about? What are some fun facts about it? Why should you practice it? Come and discover judo in a presentation from a practitioner and an enthusiast.

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Presentation: Coherence, Linking Words and Structures

Cohesive devices or linking words are a vital feature of your spoken or written language. Should you manage them effectively, it would be a way easier to follow your train of thought. These words and features are essential for precision, fluency, and seamlessness of the language. My presentation will shed light on sentence connectors, linking words, and how to use them.