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Aviation facts

Today it's difficult to imagine our life without such comfortable transport. We'll talk about some aviation facts, its history and another things 

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Space Exploration: a Journey from the Past to the Future

How mankind explore the space? Why we do this? What do we know about space now and what can we do to know more? These and many other questions will be described at the presentation. You will see unique vehicles which explore the space now and will listen about magnificent data about our Solar System. You will know about nearest future of space exploration. We will discuss about what can each person do to help uncloak hundreds of questions and help to solve scientific problems.

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Presentation: Judo as Physical and Spiritual Development

Created as physical, mental, and moral pedagogy in XIXth century Japan, judo has evolved into a martial art and an Olympic sport. What is it about? What are some fun facts about it? Why should you practice it? Come and discover judo in a presentation from a practitioner and an enthusiast.

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Presentation: Coherence, Linking Words and Structures

Cohesive devices or linking words are a vital feature of your spoken or written language. Should you manage them effectively, it would be a way easier to follow your train of thought. These words and features are essential for precision, fluency, and seamlessness of the language. My presentation will shed light on sentence connectors, linking words, and how to use them.

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Presentation: My Teacher

Have you ever had questions you couldn't answer? Like why do people get ill? Why does someone make us feel sad? Why do we get offended? How can we stop the same problems happening in our life over and over again? Why do we feel so happy one day and down another? I've been looking for answers to my numerous questions and I've finally found the Teacher who helps me understand everything in my life. No matter what the question is - I listen to her lectures and I find answers. Isn't it fantastic? If you feel you are willing to hear more about this woman - please come. I'll be happy to share what I've already learned and practice. And who knows maybe your life is changed as well as mine did.

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Presentation: Pharmacy and Medical Treatment

 For dummies, from a dummy.

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Network Basics

The Modern world is a world of communication, before between people, now even a fridge can speak with a microwave. The Vocabulary of the the speeches, and the main rules you may know if you will come to that meeting about the basics of network tech., as an esperanto of digital era.

Using bananas in nonconventional ways

LOL. Let's see how it goes.

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Presentation: Traveliving

"I'm Sasha. I've been traveling around the world for 10 years. I don't have a house, a city, or a particular country to come back to when I run out of money. I find having an "ordinary life" with a "home" and a career boring and unnecessary. ​ For me, "home" is our entire planet Earth, and I think that it is time for us to analyze what we are doing on it".


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Presentation: Culinary Chemistry

Unfortunately, the subject of food seems to be entirely omitted from chemistry curriculum. To bridge this gap, I am going to provide some examples of what can be aptly described as 'culinary chemistry'. What causes apples to brown? Why does the yolk of boiled eggs eventually take that greenish colour? Why are saturated fats bad for your health? Why do oils get rancid?