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Presentation about Brazil

Our guest from Brazil will make a presentation about this lovely country of carnavals, football and eternal sunshine.

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Presentation: American Sign Language


ASL is a language spoken in USA by some 500,000 people, not mutually intelligible with the British Sign Language and, what's more, is not like English at all. In fact, its grammar and syntax (as those of other sign languages) are distinct from any spoken language. However, ASL, as any other sign language, has its dialects, idioms, slang, pronunciation and accents.

We will learn a bit about sign languages in general, see how they sign some simple notions, try some phrases, perhaps learn to fingerspell, and maybe see how people sing in this language.


Unusual professions

There are thousands of professions nowadays. All of them are important and respectable. But there are some rare and really interesting ones, about which you possibly haven't heard before. I'll tell about some of them.

Presentation: Egyptian Pyramids

I will tell you facts which you probably don't know. How they were built.... Who has built them.... Where else you can find Pyramids on the earth.


Artificial intelligence, Bender and The Three Laws. How do robots appear today? Like what will they look like in  the  future? Will it be morally correct? Thoughts about soulless pieces of metal and circuits.

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Humour in our life

How many times did you smile today? Why do people smile? What do you feel when you see a smiling person? Why humor is so important in our every day situations? Is there a big difference between our humor and that of other countries? 

We’ll try to discuss these and other questions regarding humor and have some fun.        


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Unique inventions

We will look at some inventions that changed the world and discuss them.

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New meanings of English words

A presentation about som recent changes in meanings of commonly used words.

The End of the World

How many times was it going to happen? How many of them did it occur? Is is going to happen now?

This period we're discussing what makes people believe in the end of the World and what we'll do if it comes.

Words-chameleons in Contemporary English Language

You will be introduced with some words of the new English lexicon. The words which meaning have changed to something different or even opposite for the last few years.

Link to the presentation: click me.