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We will talk about ancient and modern architecture. You will learn something new about buildings.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Neuro Linguistic Programming: true psychology or just some stuff for low educated people? Introduction to NLP, its history and useful tips.

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This world is made of communication, which is, however, not always successful. Let´s investigate the matter and try to understand how it actually works and why it works this way (warning: thinking and occasional body movements involved). Main focuses: the mechanisms of perception, comprehension, and production of speech.

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Presentation: The Intelligent Transportation System

Is there one? How does it function? How will it change our lives? Come and see.

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Presentation: Egypt

Learn about the land of pyramids, deserts, pharaons, and oil, its people and culture, first-hand.

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Contemporary English Idioms

Let´s go over the same ground and get to bits with idioms!

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Presentation: The Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year's passed, but the questions about it rest unanswered. Why is it in February? What do the animals and the colours mean? What are the traditions linked to it? Don't miss the unique opportunity to listen to the presentation made by a native Chinese, ask questions, and just have fun!


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Kinetic art

A brief introduction to Kinetic art.This presentation will help you get an idea of how the contemporary movement of Kinetic art began and outline what it's about.
Three short movies are on the menu.

Storyteller - Rasskazova Yana

Imitative words or onomatopo...eh, whatever

Imitative words are the ones that we know since early childhood - that dogs sound "bow-wow", that cats do "meows" and so on. Strangely enough, in different languages these words differ and, sometimes, differ considerably, because (and we still don´t know why) people of different nations hear the same sounds differently. I´ll present the imitative words from English, Spanish and, with your help, from other languages.