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Your accent

A presentation about parts of your accent and how to improve it will be made by a teacher of English from Texas, Chelsea Sanchez.
Here's the presentation (all the links are there inside).

Conspiracy Theories

Have you always been fascinated by legends, secrets and mysteries? 

This Thursday you'll learn about the most fascinating conspiracy theories of the XX century - who killed Kennedy? What really happened to Elvis? What is Area 51? I'll highlight the most outrageous, mysteroius and funny conspiracy theories that have been circulating in the media.

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Never Say Good, Bad or Interesting

You know there are a lot of words in the English language to express your concern, approval, disapproval, amazement, fasination, objection, bewilderment, disgust or benevolence — and you still keep saying “It was interesting”, “This is a good book” or “bad shop”? This period, we are going to discuss these and other common words that could and should be replaced sometimes to make your speech richer and more effective, and do plenty of exercises to adopt the new habit of using these words.

Things you should know about brain


In this presentation we will find out some interesting fact about our brains

Do I use only 10% of a brain and another 90% for superpowers?

How can I boost my brain?

Why don't men ask for direction?

Why do we get travel sick?

Why can't I remember her name?

Why ice cream make my head hurt?

Why do we fall in love?

Disassemble brain by pieces...

....and maybe some drugs. 


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E-learning, or How I Took a Course on Coursera

Taking courses of Stanford, UCSF, Rice university and others in English right here, at home? Learning how to program, how to reason and argue, how to write academic papers in English for free? Getting access to unique studying material created by the professors of the best universities of US and Eurasia? Having your own works and assignments seen, evaluated and advised upon? Yes, please! Where do I get all these?

As a matter of fact, there are now a number of platforms for e-learning available througout the Internet. In my presentation, I will focus on one (and probably the best-known) of them, i.e. Coursera. In a nutshell, I will tell about my experience with this platform, how it works, show the inside of a course for you, put out strength and weaknesses of this type of learning (as seen by me) and finally demonstate the range of courses available on the platform so far.

I hope this presentation will be useful for everyone: to those who havent tried it yet, I suppose it'll give some kind of a guideline to start with; to those who have I was meaning to give some kind of advice on the productivity matters I found out for myself.

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French borrowings in English: the how and why session

I wonder how you pronounce all those memoir, ballet, etiquette... chalet... viscount...? What? ..Why?!

Let us see how and why.

This period, you will master the pronunciation, spelling and partly understanding of the French borrowings that make a great part of all the mercilessly difficult words of the English language.

BONUS: another session of the "Dearest creature in creation" attempts for those, who haven't given it up. 

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Presentation: China

China by Andy Castro, flickr

A presentation of China given by a native person. You're welcome to listen and ask questions!

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Russian traditional calendar

During this presentation, you will learn about the traditional calendar or the Eastern Slavs and the holidays that they observed. Welcome!

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Chinese cuisine

Photo of Jonathan, flickrThis presentation made by a native Chinese is about what they consider Chinese cuisine to be, what it really is, and what the Chinese think it is.

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Unknown Chelyabinsk

Things you never knew about Chelyabinsk.