A free English-speaking club located in Chelyabinsk, Russia


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French borrowings in English: the how and why session

I wonder how you pronounce all those memoir, ballet, etiquette... chalet... viscount...? What? ..Why?!

Let us see how and why.

This period, you will master the pronunciation, spelling and partly understanding of the French borrowings that make a great part of all the mercilessly difficult words of the English language.

BONUS: another session of the "Dearest creature in creation" attempts for those, who haven't given it up. 

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Presentation: China

China by Andy Castro, flickr

A presentation of China given by a native person. You're welcome to listen and ask questions!

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Russian traditional calendar

During this presentation, you will learn about the traditional calendar or the Eastern Slavs and the holidays that they observed. Welcome!

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Chinese cuisine

Photo of Jonathan, flickrThis presentation made by a native Chinese is about what they consider Chinese cuisine to be, what it really is, and what the Chinese think it is.

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Unknown Chelyabinsk

Things you never knew about Chelyabinsk.

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There's a sucker born every minute

P. T. Barnum


I will tell you about several types/cases of scam. Some of them are the famous ones like "Nigerian letters" or "Ponzi scheme". But also you will know what scams and horror movies have in common.


Aviation in my life

Did you dream about something really exciting? Like to fly above the sky straight to the sunrise? And did you take it as your goal? Maybe you just like to see clouds floating beneath you? I'm going to share my experience of dreaming of aviation and making the dream to come true. Come and see!

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Meet O'Hara

Meet O'Hara, a hockey player from USA who is now in Chelyabinsk with her team.

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Presentation about Ghana

A presentation about Ghana by Stephan, a guest from that far-away country.

Independent travel: how-to guide

Photo by Ed YourdonYou want to travel on your own, but you're afraid and you don't know where to start? I won't give you any guarantee that your travel experience will be satisfying, but I will give you some initial information that will help you to plan and organize your trip:

  • how to find cheap air tickets
  • which visa do you need (if at all) and how to get it
  • where to stay abroad: finding and booking a hostel
  • how to meet great people: CouchSurfing
  • and lots of important minor details

I will try to show you that independent travel is not so difficult as it might seem, and I will use my trip to Europe this summer as an example.