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The Ultimate Guide to the Latin Script

If you're Russian, learning English as your first foreign language opens a whole new world of the Latin script for you. You can attempt at reading in virtually any language with a Latin-based writing system... or can you? Sogliole alla mugnaia, blanquette de veau, Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, anyone? In my presentation, I'm going to talk about reading rules in some major European langues (such as the Romance and Germanic languages) and provide you with lots of opportunities to practice so that you learn to read once and for all and never make a fool of yourself again at a restaurant or elsewhere trying to read all these strange combinations.

If you're proficient in foreign languges using Latin Script besides English and you are willing to come, please contact me, I need your help!

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The Binary Numeral System

There are 10 kinds of people in this world: those who understand this joke and those who don't.

(The presentation will be delivered by Vladimir).

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Math and Land Navigation

Let's discuss some tricks to get information about the world around us. What's the distance to BOOM? How far is that man who is running towards you? 

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Presentation: Colombia

Come and share with us your knowledge about Colombian and Latin American culture, landscapes, history, etc. And learn a couple of new facts about this region!

How to rest effectively

Got a lot of work and no free time? Always feel tired and want to sleep?

Probaply there is something that you can do about it.

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Presentation: Wine

I will tell you some basic stuff about wine, such as what kinds of grapes and what kinds of wine there are and how to taste and analyze wine. Everybody is welcome!

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Presentation: Language Creation

How and why do humans create languages? How many constructed languages are out there and how many more will appear in future? Can you create your own language? We'll answer these and other questions, look at some of the popular conlangs and even try to make our own.

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Smart Home

Is it really smart now? What reasons to make you home smart? Are there any standarts?
Smart Home architecture and an example of low cost SmartHome using Raspberry Pi.

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Presentation: Abandoned cities

These cities are almost never visited by tourists, their residents are gone long time ago. Many are officially don’t exist anymore. But not being museums they are astonishing exhibitions of the history of human kind, some might call them snapshots of the distant past. Let’s take a virtual tour to some of them!