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Presentation: Introduction to German

If your German is limited to "heil Hitler" and "Hände hoch", this presentation is for you. You will walk out of Speak Freely tonight with some more hands-on knowledge about one of the most prominent languages of Europe and how knowing English can help you learn it.

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Presentation: Alkaloids

What are alkaloids and why are they so important? Although some of them (such as cocaine and LSD) are rather notorious for their psychoactive properties, others have found multifarious applications in medicine as, say, antidotes and vasodilators (atropine). My presentation will shed light on these compounds, their history, and their applications.

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Presentation: Flirting

Can you flirt? Can you tell someone is flirting with you? In this presentation, we are going to talk about some common techniques and signs to watch for, and then try and practice!

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Generalogy: Simple and Complex Approaches

How many your ancestors do you know? Only parents and grand parents? And what about deep sight? With deep observing and searching you can realize how different, interesting and inspiring family history may be. You can find that your ancestors lived not only in another city, but another country of even continent. Let's see at genealogy from the simplest to the most complex ways to make your family three. It will be interesting, I promise :)

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Blanket of triangulation and something else

DON'T BE AFRAID of unknown words from geodesy, cartography and photogrammetry. I'll tell you how geodesical industry works, why photos from the space are not enough for creating maps and what can we do in GIS-systems.

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Sport industry in the United States (example of NHL)

The most popular sports in USA, professional sports associations, sport as a show and business. National Hockey League (NHL) in detail.

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English: The B2 Plateau

Let's suppose you've learned basic English: no awkward pauses anymore, no shuffling through dictionaries, and the people you are talking to even seem to understand you (yay!). What now? We'll talk about how to improve your English after it is good enough and whether or not you should do that at all. Lots of discussions and practice as usual.

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Faberge eggs are considered to be among the greatest symbols of Russia and its rich history. The amazing and legendary works of Carl Faberge are famous worldwide. Let's see where it all began.

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The best of TravelHacks: IndiTravels

Lifehacks are some pieces of advice to help improve our life, tips or tricks that will help you get things done more efficiently. Sometimes they are just an easy and convenient way to achieve your goals. So why don't we share them with friends?

Ilya is going to tell us about some travel lifehacks from his own collection and answer your questions about traveling and living abroad. We`ll be watching videos and photos and discuss about some travel experience. Come and get ready to improve your life!

Bonus : Long list of the most useful apps and sources for travelers.