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Easter is one of the most well-known Christian holidays. How is it celebrated all over the world?

Let's see and discuss.

The black hole image

Recently we've got that buzzed over image of a black hole. How was it made? And what does it mean for science?

Let's find out.

Funny math

People often thinks of math as a boring thing. But it can be a source of humour, you should just be ready to see it. Let's discover it with Andrew.

Online shopping: pitfalls and caveats.

People buy a lot of things online now. How to do that mindfully and with minimal expenses and best experience? George will tell us today.

What is it to be a pilot?

Many people are fascinated with sky, flights and planes. And some of them do choose piloting as their job. So, what do they experience? Let's listen to Jacob and find out!

Thailand 101

Traveller story. From a person who really don't understand why people want to move there. Reasons why and how to make your stay there more pleasant in this presentation.

Mardi Gras festival

This festival or carnival is probably the least known in Russia despite being an anlogue to Russian Maslenitsa. Let's learn different traditions of it and maybe follow them.

Russian cranberries

Spreading cranberry tree is (or was) one of symbols of Russia. Let's find out the history of this and other national stereotypes.

Procrastination: reasons and approaches

Procrastination is doing something else instead of doing something more important. Like postponing this announcement till the morning. Modern approaches to time management and planning give some tips to find the reasons of your procrastination and conquet it.

Let's find out if some of them can really help.

Crowdfunding and crowdsourcing

Nearly everybody has heard about crowdfunding. Facilities like Kickstarter or Patreon gave life to tons of projects.

What are pros and cons of such ways? Let's find out!