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Streaming services: the birth of new media

Netflix has got acknowledged as the most famous streaming service. But what are the competitors? And what is their past and future?

Let's discuss.

Bruce Lee

How many films did he make? Was he a recognised martial artist or just an actor? Was he a good actor? We will figure it out on thursday with Dmitry.

Conventional power plants

Energy generation and conventional power plants. Why do we still use them?

Space probes

We all have heard about them. But how do they really work? Pioneers, Vikings, Voyagers and some other probes and stations are really fascinating and some of them are even outside the Solar System. Let's talk about them.

Programming Languages.

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I won’t talk about any specific language but about programming languages as a whole.

During that presentation we will cover questions like: how they work? how many of them exist? do you really need them all? can you write programs if you don’t know math? why jokes about programmers are true and how you can-troll them.

and of course why the don't care about punctuation and capital letters,

Flowers: then and now

Many people like flowers. But what are they? How did they appear and evolve? And what happened when humans got their hands over them?

Let's explore!


Easter is one of the most well-known Christian holidays. How is it celebrated all over the world?

Let's see and discuss.

The black hole image

Recently we've got that buzzed over image of a black hole. How was it made? And what does it mean for science?

Let's find out.

Funny math

People often thinks of math as a boring thing. But it can be a source of humour, you should just be ready to see it. Let's discover it with Andrew.

Online shopping: pitfalls and caveats.

People buy a lot of things online now. How to do that mindfully and with minimal expenses and best experience? George will tell us today.