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Discussion: Importing vs Home Manufacturing

The issue of importing vs hoem manufacturing is especially important for Russia now, so let us discuss it. What are the advantages and disadvantages? What do we produce and what should we be taking care of? Can a country in the modern world exist without being a part of the world market?

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Driving rules, driving license, road accidents.

This topic is important for everyone, as we are drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Everybody  takes part in road movement. How to behave in accident? What rules you have strictly use? How do  people get a driving license nowadays? Let's discuss it and change our opinions and experience.

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Discussion: Sexual education for children

Where should children get to know sex? From their parents, friends, or the Internet? Or maybe school? Should they teach kids about sex, and if yes, what should this include? Let is discuss.

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5th anniversary games

Yesterday, we had our anniversary, and it was fun. We didn't manage too play half of the games we planned, though. Come and let us finish! There will be more speaking this time, and more teamwork.

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Debates: Banning of Pornography

Pornography is a large part of the contemporary culture and a very rich industry with a good share of the market in a number of countries, providing thousands of workplaces, and it's grown a lot since the Internet was introduced a few decades ago, becoming available for larger audience. However, a lot of people disapprove of pornography, considering it indecent and filthy, and even though consuming these products may be a personal choice for adults, it is strongly believed that children should be protected from pornography, which is pretty much impossible now... unless all the pornography iscompletely banned. What do you say?

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Discussion: State Exams

Nearly every state education system in the world today uses some standardized testing or examination that gives the state an opportunity to evaluate the knowledge of its citizens as they leave educational instututions (e.g. schools), and the students to save time and effort applying to the next step of education. What benefits does it have and do they really overweigh the benefits provided by the merry old individual examination? Let us discuss and find out.

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TV Club

Do you like talking while you're watching TV series? ''No, don't do that, silly... Go ahead, slap this bastard! No-o-o, don't die!'' We don't allow that in our TV Club. However, we do discuss every episode after we watch it. Come and enjoy the exciting series and the witty talks!

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The Future of the English Language

A hundred years ago, Englishmen could not believe their language is becoming international. A hundred and fifty, they could not even imagine that. And indeed, how could a language as complex and weather-beaten as English ever become international and even start to be considered simple? Well, that's not the question. Things just happen.

The question is, what is going to happen to this language one hundred years from now? Two hundred? A thousand? There is a number of predictions about this. We'll learn about them, we'll discuss them, and we'll try to make something of our own.


What is a robot? How do they affect our everyday live?

Artificial intelligence, Bender, skynet and The Three Laws. How do robots appear today? Like what will they look like in  the  future? Will it be morally correct? Thoughts about soulless pieces of metal and circuits.

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New York: the whole world in the Big Apple

description of NY lifestyle, education, prospectives. Additional discussion - moving to NY: pro et contra.