A free English-speaking club located in Chelyabinsk, Russia


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Debate: This House Would Limit the Fluent Speakers at Speak Freely

This question has troubled us since the beginning of this club: should it be free in the sence everyone can speak however much he or she wants, or should it be free in the sense everyone gets a chance to speak (and therefore we should limit the best speakers who have no problem expressing themselves)? Finally, we're doing a debate on this one. This is not an organizational meeting nor a brainstorming session though... just a great opportunity to speak. Equal. For everybody, free, and let no one go awat unsatisfied!

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Discussion: Houses

Let's do some craft-work today! Just paper, glue, scissors, your creative thinking and you become an architect and a designer of a nice, big, functional house.

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Discussion Game: Amusement Parks

Do you like amusement parks? Why do you think people like them in general? Are they good or evil? Are they evolving along with the technology, or are they going to fade away soon? Let us discuss this and then talk about what a perfect amusement park would be like.

Radio day

On 7 May, in 1895, Popov gave the first public demonstration of radio as a tool before the Russian Physical and Chemical Society in St. Petersburg. On the 50th anniversary of Popov's experiment, this day was officially marked as a Communications Workers' Day.

At this meeting we will see short retrospective of radio technology, traditions, and some random stories about radio engineers.

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Would you say that you are happy?

Would you say that you are happy? What does one need in order to be happy? What are the world's happiest countries? Let's discuss it!

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Discussion: Human genetic modification

Lately, genetic technologies have been developing really fast, and today scientists are able to modify genetic code. For example, the majority of products that you consume include genetically modified material. However, we are able modify not only potatoes and tomatoes, but also humans. Such modifiations enable us to cure some genetic deseases like autism, haemophilia and many others. Nevertheless, there are many opposers to them. Today, we will discuss the advantages of genetic modification in unborn children from 3 parents.

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Fluency vs Knowledge in Language Studies, or Why You Should Not Learn English (or Should You?)

Is being fluent the same as knowing the language? Which is your personal priority? How to achieve fluency and how to achieve language knowledge? Let us think, discuss, and try different methods for boosting your language performance, whatever your aim is.

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Travelling around the world: a discussion

Anton Kornienko, a world traveler and a world citizen, will discuss with us his travels and answer any questions.

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The Paradox of Choice: TED Video and Discussion

Psychologist Barry Schwartz takes aim at a central tenet of western societies: freedom of choice. In Schwartz's estimation, choice has made us not freer but more paralyzed, not happier but more dissatisfied. Let's watch the talk and discuss it!

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The World of 2100: Your Predictions

It's around the time that Marty McFly traveled to now, and just several months left before we start flying hoverboards and magnify food on a regular basis (or was that a different film?). Or... do we? It doesn't matter whether your predictions are accurate or not; let's just share our views on how life will look like 85 years from now. You're a part of a futurologist team, and you are to consult your colleagues and present a forecast.