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Discussion: How to Survive at Military Times

What if SHTF and there's a war out there tomorrow? Do you know what to do? Let's find out.

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Collectivism vs Individualism, Russia vs USA

Are we (Russians) collectivists or individualists? What is an average life in an individualistic society? Will any of them ever prevail? 

Dmitry will tell about his experience in the United States, one of the most individualistic countries in the world. 

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Tolerance and the Western World Weakness: a Discussion

We'll start with a discussion of what happened in Paris on 7 January.

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Dealing with twerps

Of course you've already met rude and obnoxious people in transport, in the post office, and virtually anywhere you can go, and of course they did spoil your day at least once. Why are they doing what they're doing and what can we do about it? Let's discuss.

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Russian Ruble Crash: Why and How Long?

Discussing the recent and not-so-recent events affecting all of us. Everyone is welcome with ideas, suggestions, and explanations.

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The Human Mind

Lets talk about this mysterious substance and things that prevent and help us be effective thinkers and happy beings. Come and find out.

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Everything You Were Afraid To Know But Wanted to Ask About Genetics

Well, the title speaks for itself. The long-awaited presentation on genetics is coming... hopefully Iakov will be able to make it this time.

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Learning a language: what am I doing wrong?

Learning English (French, Swahili, Mandarin) for years and still not speaking it? Opening your mouth and still lost for words, so much that you'd better keep it shut? What is wrong with you?

In my presentation, I will talk briefly about how to start speaking a foreign language, and then we will do a couple of tests to get you to know your personal learning style and start learning more efficiently.

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Discussion: Apocalypse Scenarios

Zombie apocalypse? Come on, are you serious? It's all bullshit for kids. We'll die in the World War III. No, wait, we'll die of the consequences of global warming, because the weather will start to freak out. Or, actually, the aliens may invade... or no, we're alone in the Universe, and no one will save us if someone decides to hit the red button. Or a virus may spread and kill us all. What is the scenario that seems the most plausible to you? Come and share!

...unless we all get killed by a meteorite, of course. 

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Discussion: Childhood memories

Tonight, we will set aside all the worries and hurries of grown-ups' life and dive into the charming atmosphere of your childhood memories. Many surprises are waiting for you on the way. Welcome aboard our time machine!

Attention: do not forget to take your boarding pass, your childhood photos! A smile and a joyful mood are wanted, too!