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TED video: The power of Vulnerability

Presentation: Intellectual Property and Copyright

Copyright sign / Photo by Horia VarlanWhat is intellectual property and how is it different from other types of property? What is copyright? What are DMCA and its Russian counterparts? These questions will be discussed in the introductory class led by Iakov Vokhmintsev. Other points of interest include:

  • What constitutes copyright infringement? Comparing Russia with other countries;
  • Licensing copyrighted material (with special focus on audio and photo works): royalties, royalty-free licences, licensed uses;
  • Derivatives, collections and translations: how do they fit in;
  • Alternatives to copyright: Creative Commons and other good and interesting things.

ATTENTION: the meeting takes place at a new location! The venue, called "Zhuravl" art centre, is located at MOPR square, 7 (very near to Tsentralnii marketplace, which in turn is close to the crossroads of ul. Kommuny and ul. Rossiiskaia). Take a look at Yandex.Map: http://maps.yandex.ru/-/CBa14S3s

We'll wait for you on Saturday at 17:00.

Job hunting

A lot of fellows nowadays have a B.A., M.D., or Ph.D.  Unfortunately, they don't have a J.O.B.

"Fats" Domino


Have you ever been looking for a job? Whatever your answer is, you probably find the topic interesting (not to say sore). Looking for a reliable and generous employer that would give you something interesting and well-paid to do is always a hard task, but there are walkthroughs. 

So, what qualities does an ideal employee need? Where does one look for a job? What does one do for that and what mustn't one do under any circumstances? Come to ask these questions or to answer them.

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Discussion: Lie

Pinoccio paradox

Have you ever lied?

Did/do people lie to you?

Is there any classification of lies?

Let's discuss psycological, moral, legal and other aspects of lying.

If we have enough time and if I finally decide on the rules, then we will also play a game related to the topic Smile

Presentation: Taiwan (prepared by our Taiwanese guests)

Do not miss a presentation about Taiwan made by our Taiwanese guests: Hillary (Lin Fang Yu), and Vivien (Kung Che Yi)!

Get to know about Taiwanese traditional festivals, food, cloths, temples, and much more. 

Ask everything you want to know about this wonderful country.

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Discussion: Luck

What is luck? 

Have you ever thought about why some people are luckier than others? Do you consider yourself a lucky person? Are there any recipes how to become lucky? 

We are about to discover another great side of life. Join in!

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Discussion: Family

Once we've discovered each other's family statuses, likes and dislikes and probably some opinions on the issue, let's look closer at all the pros and cons and discuss the situation at large. What are the common problems in family relationship, why they occur, and are there any ways to solve them? How should family money be managed? What's more important, family or friends? How does a man percieve his family through his life and is there any single truth you come to?

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Discussion: Music Hall II in Speak Freely

As you probably know, Music Hall II is going to take part on Friday, June 24, and the club still has some questions to discuss. So,

  • if you are interested in actually helping the club,
  • if you have any suggestions about the event,
  • or if you want to experience using the English language for brainstorming and problem-solving,

welcome to the discussion.

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Guest from Columbia in Speak Freely

Meet Nathalie, an AIESEC intern from Columbia!

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Guests from Switzerland and Romania in Speak Freely

Ramon, Marcus and Lucas are Swiss guys who came all the way to Chelyabinsk on their bikes in 46 days. They hope to go to Mongolia and then Beijing before coming back to their studies and hobbies (among which is mountaineering) back in Switzerland. Norbert is a Hugarian guy who was brought up in Romania and had been living for three years in Australia (and working as a barman) before his hitchhiking trip to Russia and an occasional stay here.

This meeting, you have a unique opportunity to meet all of them and hear their stories. Welcome and speak freely!