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Do what you love, love what you do?

DWYL is the unofficial work mantra for our time. Is it a tool of exploitation and a way leading to devalueing the actual work, or is it a way for us to become better at everyday life activities? Let's find out. Come and we'll discuss how the new-age command affects our life.

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How to get rid of the fear of public speaking

The most common problem people have is the fear of public speaking. Some people dread it even more than death. Most of us live with this fear throughout our lives. On Monday you will find different solutions how to solve this problem and discuss it.

Building your career

What is career? For some of us, it is a synonym of salary. When changing their job, many people say that there was no possibility for career development in the previous job, but in reality they mean "I want more money". So, does building your career means earning more money with each step? 

Tonight we will discuss what realy career is, how to build it more effectively, and of course share our experiences (if any) of career development.

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Talk show: Home is where it feels good. To emigrate or not to emigrate?

Would you leave Russia in search for a better place to leave or would you rather hold on to the country you were born and raised in? Do people actually ever inculturate? Is home your destiny or a matter of choice? Tonight, we will discuss this burning issue in our studio. Stars, experts, usual people with unusual problems, and you — yes, you — welcome.

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Geopolitics. Russia in the world. View by a Russian from abroad.

Having spent a little more than two years as a PhD-student at WPI (Massachusetts, USA) Dmitry Sinyukov would like to present his view on the current political situation in Russia and in the world. Amongst the topics to be discussed are: 

  • Historical context
  • Russian foreign politics successes in 2013
  • Putin: good or bad
  • Pussy Riot, Hodorkovskiy and other "freedom fighters"
  • "Anti-gay" law
  • American and pro-American propaganda
  • Anne Garrels and the danger
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Understanding American mentality: from personal relationship to geopolitics

Having spent a little more than 2 years as a PhD-student at WPI (Massachusetts, USA), Dmitry Sinyukov, the founder and the first president of Speak Freely, is presenting his view on western and more specifically American mentality. One of the most important and deep-rooted aspects of western mentality is hypocrisy. It spans from personal relationships to working environments and geopolitics. Understanding western hypocritical rhetorics and its use in everyday life is a key to becoming a player rather than a toy in the western world, as well as, not being fooled in your own country. A heated discussion is expected :)

Summing up 2013

Let's look back at the year 2013 and see what we (as individuals) have planned, what plans have been made reality, and what is still left to do in 2014. By no means a contest or vanity show, it will be a discussion of possibility/impossibility and how our perception of it changes over time.

New year traditions

What you usually do in new years eve, is there any traditions in your family?

Share with us interesting stories which ever happened with you in this magical night

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Meet Anton Stepanov, the II President of Speak Freely

Anton is back for holidays from France, where he studies. Let us meet him and hear all about his experience and impressions!

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Discussion: Love

Love is in the air, love is all around, love is all you need... But what is it? Is it different or is it all the same? Do you need to seek love or is it always there? Come and tell us all that you think.