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Presentation: Intellectual Property and Copyright

Copyright sign / Photo by Horia VarlanWhat is intellectual property and how is it different from other types of property? What is copyright? What are DMCA and its Russian counterparts? These questions will be discussed in the introductory class led by Iakov Vokhmintsev. Other points of interest include:

  • What constitutes copyright infringement? Comparing Russia with other countries;
  • Licensing copyrighted material (with special focus on audio and photo works): royalties, royalty-free licences, licensed uses;
  • Derivatives, collections and translations: how do they fit in;
  • Alternatives to copyright: Creative Commons and other good and interesting things.

ATTENTION: the meeting takes place at a new location! The venue, called "Zhuravl" art centre, is located at MOPR square, 7 (very near to Tsentralnii marketplace, which in turn is close to the crossroads of ul. Kommuny and ul. Rossiiskaia). Take a look at Yandex.Map: http://maps.yandex.ru/-/CBa14S3s

We'll wait for you on Saturday at 17:00.