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Music Hall


This long-awaited music contest will take place in FOCUS mall, 8 June 2013!

All information is here: http://www.speakfreely.ru/sf_music_hall

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Odyssey of the Mind

A year ago we tried to work together with the international intellectual game Odyssey of the Mind (http://speakfreely.ru/news/2012-02-07/odyssey-of-the-mind-collaboration), it was a new experience for us as a club, and for every participant as being a translator. This year we decided to continue our partnership, so now we have several texts to translate from English to Russian. The texts are not of the type you meet every day, they might be challenging and unusual, that is why it should be interesting for those who will volunteer.

Important! The translations are not paid, instead you get experience, and respect from others. Besides, our club will give presents to the participants!

Please, contact Anton Stepanov (here or here) as soon as possible if you want to take part!

The following people have already volunteered:

Anna Vlasova;

Daria Zelenina;

Natalia Pshenichnikova;

Anton Stepanov.

The deadline is 15 February 2013.

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TOEFL test simulation

This month we organize a free simulation of the TOEFL test. More info here: http://www.speakfreely.ru/content/event/2013-05-18-030000/toefl-test

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The Second Writing Contest by Speak Freely


Inspired? Thoughtful? Curious? In love? Share your feelings and ideas. Take part in the Second Writing Contest by “Speak Freely”, an open competition of authors writing in English.


Why should I participate?

  • to show off with your English/imagination/writing techniques,
  • to get clubwide recognition as the best writer,
  • to get some adrenaline,
  • the participation is free, and you might get a nice T-shirt.


How do I participate?

1. Choose a genre of prose or verse.

2. Write a text of the chosen genre (700 words or less).

3. Submit your work here. Deadline for submission: May 15. You will also be required to indicate your name, pen name and a passphrase.

4. ...

5. Profit!


How do I vote/read others' works?

Come to Speak Freely meeting on May 17 to read, listen, and vote!


Check out the First Writing Contest:


The Contest has passed, here are the works submitted by its six participants. The winners are Anna Hermann (prose) and Raul Karimov (verse). Congrats!

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Odyssey of the Mind collaboration

Speak Freely collaborates with the international intellectual game Odyssey of the Mind


This implies two things:

1) we do the good things for them;

2) they do the good things for us.


From us to them: we translate (from Russian into English) the scripts for the teams that want to go to the European finals (in Saint-Petersburg this year), Asian finals in China, World finals (USA). (That's a great chance for you to practice your translational skills! Moreover, we will give a special prize to the author of the best translation) Also we give some short lessons of English to the teams ("what is your name?", "how are you?", "what country are you from?", etc).

The lessons are paid, the translations are free!


From them to you: you can be a judge at the Chelyabinsk finals (they offer short free courses) and go as a judge to the European finals! The organization pays for your living and food.

If you want to teach the teams you'll be paid.


If you want to participate contact Anton Stepanov (via phonecall, vk.com message or any other way) as soon as possible.


Further clarification:

  • If you want to be a judge come to the Nuclear energy industry information center (Sverdlovskij prospekt, 59). 18.02.2012 at 15:00.
  • Tasks & deadlines:


  1. For the following files (in the attachments) the deadline is 20-24.02.2012: certification tests 1 2, scoring guidelines 1 2 & probblem clarifications.
  2. For the scripts of 2 teams the deadline is about the same date. Their scripts will appear shortly. Other scripts will appear after 10.03.2012.
prob1_ooh_motional_vehicle_certification_test.doc40.5 KB
prob1_ooh_motional_vehicle_scoring_guidelines.doc28 KB
prob2_weird_science_certification_test.doc51.5 KB
prob2_weird_science_scoring_guidelines.doc42.5 KB
z__Problem Clarifications_8.02.doc93.5 KB
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No More Saturday Meetings for Some Time

Dear speakfreelians,

Due to some technical problems we are, for some time, unable to conduct Saturday meetings at Zhuravl art centre, so please don´t forget about it and come on Mondays and Thursdays. Also, if you have some ideas as to where we could meet, please contact us.

What, do you think you don´t have anywhere to speak English on Saturday?

You do!

There are at least 2 opportunities:

1. You can come to the American centre meeting (Tsvilling str., 61). The meeting starts at noon. More information here.

2. You can take part in the debates. The games of the English league start at 15:20 in SUSU, room 341. The resolution for the March 3 is “This House Believes That Competitiveness Is More Important Than Collaboration To Achieve The Goal”. More information here.


Have a nice Saturday!

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No meeting on April 30, 2012

Dear friends,

Due to the state holiday the university does not work on Monday, April 30, so we cannot meet this time. Please follow our announcements and come on Thursday, May 3.

Have a nice holiday!

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IELTS test by Speak Freely

Speak Freely hosts a free simulation of a worldwide known test for English-learners - IELTS.

The test is  over!

The results you have been longing for so long are announced!
Participants are to check their mail.

We will have two more test papers just in case but, please, do not really count on them.

Important information about the test:
date: 31 March 2012;
starting time: 13:00;
place: room 274, bulding 3.
Don't forget to take a pen and/or a pencil.
This test has a wide band scale so it can be used to assess a student with any level of English. The test consists of 4 parts: reading, writing, listening and speaking. More info: http://www.ielts.org/

The date of the test is not strictly set yet so you have an opportunity to choose the one which is the most suitable for you. The most probable dates are 24 March 2012 and 31 March 2012. We will pick the one with the most votes and post that date in 2 weeks (19 March 2012). To choose the date please proceed to the registration page.

Note that to participate in the test you have to register first, the registration is open till the eve of the exam date. However, try to register as soon as possible, we also need to estimate an average number of participants beforehand.

Registration: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dDYtdnNGUk1ReVFiNGhFNVdBU3YxR1E6MQ


vkontakte page: http://vk.com/ieltstest

Good luck!

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This Saturday we meet at a different place & time! 13:00-15:00

Dear friends, this Saturday (18.02.2012) we meet at 13:00, Prospekt Pobedy 160, 316 (324)!

We meet this Saturday in "Zhuravl" at a new location

Dear friends,

since “Zhuravl” art centre has moved to a new location, please note that this Saturday the meeting takes place at Kirova str, 19 (office 147 on the 14th (!) floor). Don't forget to bring clean shoes or shoe covers (like these: http://www.flickr.com/photos/danox/3211034160/) with you.

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Meeting cancelled on 23rd of February

Dear friends,

As the 23rd of February is considered a state holiday and SUSU is closed on this day, we have to cancel the meeting. The next meeting is on Saturday in Zhuravl art centre.

Congratulations for the Defender of the Fatherland day!

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Limerick creation contest

Limericks are short (humorous) poems containing five lines in AABBA pattern. In order to take part in this contest, complete this limerick: 

There was a young man from France;

Once I just met him by chance...

— and post it in full as a comment. In a week, we'll vote to choose the best one. Good luck!

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Back to 459/3!

FInally! We are moving back to the room 459 of the building 3 of SUSU. Every Mon & Thurs our meetings start at 19.00 there.

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New place for the meetings (prolonged)

Dear friends, as you might know, the 3rd building of SUSU where we have been meeting for the past 2 years has almost no electricity. Therefore for the next 3 or 4 weeks we will meet in a different building, that is, the Laboratory Building of SUSU.

For mondays and thursdays till the 20th of November our new address is laboratory building, room 454

<Upd: we meet there on Mondays and Thursdays till the 1st of December>

<Upd: we meet there on Mondays and Thursdays till the 8th of December>

There are 2 ways you can get there:

1) From the main building of SUSU. Enter the main building, then choose the left stairway. Between the 1st and the ground floor (where the library is located) there is a black door that leads outside of the building. Pass it through and find your way to the lab. building (you should go North-East).

2) From the outside. There is a door on the right side of the wall that surrounds SUSU. You can easily use it to get inside. Once inside, it should be easy to find the entrance to the necessary building. <Upd: that way doesn't work! Use the first one!>

As usual, don't forget to take your passport.

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No Saturday meeting(s)

There will be no meeting this Saturday (10.12.2011) due to Zhuravl's moving to a new place (Kirova str, 19-147). Nothing can be said for now about the next week but whatever the result will be, we will definitely inform you.

Stay tuned and be the first one to know!

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No meeting today!

Dear friends,

the club's meeting on Monday, October 24, is cancelled due to the lack of electricity in SUSU's third building. 

Further meetings will hopefully take place according to the schedule.

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Voting results!

Dear members and visitors of our club, we are glad to announce that the voting for the best period is over!

There are several things that need to be said: first of all, thank you for voting and for being on time with your periods [it sounds a bit ambiguous :) ]! In other words, none of the votes and nominants was submitted after the deadline. However, we would like to see more people offering us their best periods. So next time do not hesitate whether your period was good enough to take part in such competition, just send it! Secondly, according to the results, the periods nominated were really great and it was difficult to chose one since 5 (five!) of them are second-best! And finally, the good news! The winner will get a special prize. It is a notebook with the logo of the club and a smart thought written inside.



PS. Results.

Anton Stepanov

Deciphering. Presentation and game.
2Daria Zelenina15 quick tips to improve your English. Presentation.
2Ann HermannEthnic Music. Presentation.
2Dmitry SinykovGRE test. Presentation.
2Tatiana SatalkinaHong Kong. Presentation.
Vladimir Moiseevskikh
Travel stories in Russia. Discussion.
3Iakov VokhmintsevBlood types. Lecture.
3Natasha PshenichnikovaWriting letters to Mr. President. Game.
3Ann BoukinaHow to survive in a desert. Game.

PPS. If you want the same notebook as the winner then be the winner next time! Or somehow contribute to our club.

Schedule change for Saturday

Dear club members, please note that from now on, Saturday meetings in "Zhuravl" art center will start at 19:00.

Our birthday is coming!

Dear friends,

soon we will be 2 years old and have a special birthday party. To make this party more interesting, please consider these two points:

  1. Happybirthday Contest: we'll try to find the best way to say "happy birthday" to our club. Everyone is encouraged to participate. If your idea could be presented in digital form (image, audio, video, etc), please send the file to official@speakfreely.ru before 28 Sep. Everything else you could present directly at the party on 1 Oct;
  2. To those who have hosted at least one period: try to remember what was your best (or only) period, and tell us at official@speakfreely.ru before 23 Sep. Then we'll determine the best period by voting.

Extra meeting on Saturday, usual meetings cancelled this week

Dear club members,

today we have to pieces of news for you. The bad news is that there will be no regular meetings on Monday and Thursday this week, because we couldn't find any volunteers to host them. The good news is that we will have a special meeting on Saturday in a new location: "Zhuravl" art centre on MOPR square, 7 (this is a two-storey building right next to "Tsentralnii" marketplace). Presentation/discussion about intellectual rights and copyright will be hosted by Iakov Vokhmintsev.


More info about the meeting will be published soon, stay tuned.


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