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Speak Freely Launches an Olympiad

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From September 4th through September 21st, an English Olympiad will be held at Speak Freely for anyone who wishes to participate. Register here: https://goo.gl/forms/N4xKrNWLVYDIsGjF2.

What is the SF English Olympiad?

A competition in English among its non-native speakers and a fun way to spend time on a Speak Freely meeting. It has three levels of tasks to test your knowledge of English vocabulary, grammar, and culture of English-speaking countries, as well as some trivia, and give your brain a little workout.

Who can participate?

Anyone for whom English is not a native language and who can physically come to a Speak Freely meeting in Chelyabinsk, Russia between September 4th and September 21st, 2017. The tasks are available at three levels - Intermediate and below, Upper-Intermediate, and Advanced and above. You will be asked to complete a short test (not more than 5 minutes) to determine your level.

What are the tasks like and how long will they take?

They are short questions about English words and grammar, trivia questions that require knowledge of US and English history, and general knowledge questions about English (depending on the level you choose). Some questions may require logic and creative thinking. There is no exam style reading, essays, or speaking involved. Our estimate is 30-60 minutes depending on how close your level is to the intended level of the tasks.

When will the results be announced?

Winners at each level will be announced during the Speak Freely birthday party in late October.

Can I participate if I can't come to Speak Freely on these dates?

You can view the tasks and try to solve them just for fun, but you will not get any credit for it. Please contact Daria to get access to the tasks (you do not need to register).