A free English-speaking club located in Chelyabinsk, Russia

Odyssey of the Mind

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A year ago we tried to work together with the international intellectual game Odyssey of the Mind (http://speakfreely.ru/news/2012-02-07/odyssey-of-the-mind-collaboration), it was a new experience for us as a club, and for every participant as being a translator. This year we decided to continue our partnership, so now we have several texts to translate from English to Russian. The texts are not of the type you meet every day, they might be challenging and unusual, that is why it should be interesting for those who will volunteer.

Important! The translations are not paid, instead you get experience, and respect from others. Besides, our club will give presents to the participants!

Please, contact Anton Stepanov (here or here) as soon as possible if you want to take part!

The following people have already volunteered:

Anna Vlasova;

Daria Zelenina;

Natalia Pshenichnikova;

Anton Stepanov.

The deadline is 15 February 2013.