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The Second Writing Contest by Speak Freely

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Inspired? Thoughtful? Curious? In love? Share your feelings and ideas. Take part in the Second Writing Contest by “Speak Freely”, an open competition of authors writing in English.


Why should I participate?

  • to show off with your English/imagination/writing techniques,
  • to get clubwide recognition as the best writer,
  • to get some adrenaline,
  • the participation is free, and you might get a nice T-shirt.


How do I participate?

1. Choose a genre of prose or verse.

2. Write a text of the chosen genre (700 words or less).

3. Submit your work here. Deadline for submission: May 15. You will also be required to indicate your name, pen name and a passphrase.

4. ...

5. Profit!


How do I vote/read others' works?

Come to Speak Freely meeting on May 17 to read, listen, and vote!


Check out the First Writing Contest:


The Contest has passed, here are the works submitted by its six participants. The winners are Anna Hermann (prose) and Raul Karimov (verse). Congrats!