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No More Saturday Meetings for Some Time

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Dear speakfreelians,

Due to some technical problems we are, for some time, unable to conduct Saturday meetings at Zhuravl art centre, so please don´t forget about it and come on Mondays and Thursdays. Also, if you have some ideas as to where we could meet, please contact us.

What, do you think you don´t have anywhere to speak English on Saturday?

You do!

There are at least 2 opportunities:

1. You can come to the American centre meeting (Tsvilling str., 61). The meeting starts at noon. More information here.

2. You can take part in the debates. The games of the English league start at 15:20 in SUSU, room 341. The resolution for the March 3 is “This House Believes That Competitiveness Is More Important Than Collaboration To Achieve The Goal”. More information here.


Have a nice Saturday!