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Odyssey of the Mind collaboration

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Speak Freely collaborates with the international intellectual game Odyssey of the Mind


This implies two things:

1) we do the good things for them;

2) they do the good things for us.


From us to them: we translate (from Russian into English) the scripts for the teams that want to go to the European finals (in Saint-Petersburg this year), Asian finals in China, World finals (USA). (That's a great chance for you to practice your translational skills! Moreover, we will give a special prize to the author of the best translation) Also we give some short lessons of English to the teams ("what is your name?", "how are you?", "what country are you from?", etc).

The lessons are paid, the translations are free!


From them to you: you can be a judge at the Chelyabinsk finals (they offer short free courses) and go as a judge to the European finals! The organization pays for your living and food.

If you want to teach the teams you'll be paid.


If you want to participate contact Anton Stepanov (via phonecall, vk.com message or any other way) as soon as possible.


Further clarification:

  • If you want to be a judge come to the Nuclear energy industry information center (Sverdlovskij prospekt, 59). 18.02.2012 at 15:00.
  • Tasks & deadlines:


  1. For the following files (in the attachments) the deadline is 20-24.02.2012: certification tests 1 2, scoring guidelines 1 2 & probblem clarifications.
  2. For the scripts of 2 teams the deadline is about the same date. Their scripts will appear shortly. Other scripts will appear after 10.03.2012.
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prob2_weird_science_scoring_guidelines.doc42.5 KB
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