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Voting results!

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Dear members and visitors of our club, we are glad to announce that the voting for the best period is over!

There are several things that need to be said: first of all, thank you for voting and for being on time with your periods [it sounds a bit ambiguous :) ]! In other words, none of the votes and nominants was submitted after the deadline. However, we would like to see more people offering us their best periods. So next time do not hesitate whether your period was good enough to take part in such competition, just send it! Secondly, according to the results, the periods nominated were really great and it was difficult to chose one since 5 (five!) of them are second-best! And finally, the good news! The winner will get a special prize. It is a notebook with the logo of the club and a smart thought written inside.



PS. Results.

Anton Stepanov

Deciphering. Presentation and game.
2Daria Zelenina15 quick tips to improve your English. Presentation.
2Ann HermannEthnic Music. Presentation.
2Dmitry SinykovGRE test. Presentation.
2Tatiana SatalkinaHong Kong. Presentation.
Vladimir Moiseevskikh
Travel stories in Russia. Discussion.
3Iakov VokhmintsevBlood types. Lecture.
3Natasha PshenichnikovaWriting letters to Mr. President. Game.
3Ann BoukinaHow to survive in a desert. Game.

PPS. If you want the same notebook as the winner then be the winner next time! Or somehow contribute to our club.


If I am not mistaken, there were no explanation as to whether the hosts of stated periods could vote at all. For instance, I have abstained in this vote because my own period was among the options.

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Yep, you are right, no explanation. But to my mind it is natural to vote even if you are in the list. I'd only be hesitant to vote for my period. Moreover, no questions were asked, therefore I concluded that everyone understands the rules. So, please, state your choice at least now :) Maybe it will change a lot!
Actually, people could vote even for their own periods. And some have voted so :) Since we could not track the person's name (or IP or any substantial identification) it was possible to do so without rising any suspicion.