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Speak Freely Launches an Olympiad

From September 4th through September 21st, an English Olympiad will be held at Speak Freely for anyone who wishes to participate. Register here: https://goo.gl/forms/N4xKrNWLVYDIsGjF2.

What is the SF English Olympiad?

A competition in English among its non-native speakers and a fun way to spend time on a Speak Freely meeting. It has three levels of tasks to test your knowledge of English vocabulary, grammar, and culture of English-speaking countries, as well as some trivia, and give your brain a little workout.

Who can participate?

Anyone for whom English is not a native language and who can physically come to a Speak Freely meeting in Chelyabinsk, Russia between September 4th and September 21st, 2017. The tasks are available at three levels - Intermediate and below, Upper-Intermediate, and Advanced and above. You will be asked to complete a short test (not more than 5 minutes) to determine your level.

What are the tasks like and how long will they take?

They are short questions about English words and grammar, trivia questions that require knowledge of US and English history, and general knowledge questions about English (depending on the level you choose). Some questions may require logic and creative thinking. There is no exam style reading, essays, or speaking involved. Our estimate is 30-60 minutes depending on how close your level is to the intended level of the tasks.

When will the results be announced?

Winners at each level will be announced during the Speak Freely birthday party in late October.

Can I participate if I can't come to Speak Freely on these dates?

You can view the tasks and try to solve them just for fun, but you will not get any credit for it. Please contact Daria to get access to the tasks (you do not need to register).

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Christmas Baking Championship

Christmas is getting closer, and this Monday, on the Boxing Day, we are going to have the last meeting of this year! We are going to get presents from the Secret Santa, take part in competittions and games, have fun and speak English like always. However, we are also going to have the last tea break this year, and so we challenge you to the Christmas Baking Championship!

No need to register: just bring your HOMEMADE Christmas treats to Speak Freely on Monday, December 26. The winner gets a ChrEmmy!

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Secret Santa Application is Closed; Please Check Your E-Mail!

Letters have been sent to the Secret Santas, so everyone should already know who they are giving presents to and start preparing their reindeers and their sled! If you applied for participation but did not get an e-mail, please check your spam folder, and if you still cannot find it, contact Daria.

Merry upcoming Christmas everyone!

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Secret Santa

Would you like to get a present from Santa this Boxing Day? We know you would, even though a part of you might be saying Santa wasn't real. At Speak Freely, Santa is real!

Here's how it works: you sign up in the form below until Dec 22, and on Dec 23, you get an e-mail with some person's name. You are the Secret Santa for this person: make sure they get a Christmas present this Boxing Day (Dec 26, our last meeting). In their turn, they're the Secret Santa for someone else (not necessarily you), and someone is a Secret Santa for you.

You do not have to come to Speak Freely on Dec 26 or ever, just make sure you do your Santa duties (not that we recommended the Russian post, though). Should you have any questions or encounter any problems, contact Daria at 89823051284.

Register here: https://goo.gl/forms/dE1VdIXmAaoJnWaJ3

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Speak Freely’s 4th Writing Contest

To participate in the contest:

  • write a piece of prose or poetry in English that is 700 words (or less) long,

  • send it to us via this form until 23:59 on 22 June, 2015,

  • come to the meeting on 29 June (Monday) where we’ll announce the results and honor the winners.

ATTENTION! You (yes, you) can do it. It doesn’t have to be state-of-the-art Shakespeare kind of stuff, or absolutely devoid of grammar mistakes, or deep, or hilarious. Just make sure it’s in English.

Starting on 23 June, you may also read the participants’ works and vote for the one you liked the most. We will announce the voting on speakfreely.ru as well as our vkontakte group. Stay tuned!

Speak Freely 4th Writing Contest’s Design Contest

Want to win a really cool official Speak Freely prize but bad at writing? No worries! Just suggest a cool design for the Writing Contest prizes and get them! Contact Daria (+79823051284, daria.zelenina@gmail.com) to participate. You have time until 15 June.


UPD: You can read the works here: http://speakfreely.ru/docs/our-compositions/speak-freelys-iv-writing-contest-works