A free English-speaking club located in Chelyabinsk, Russia

Vacant positions in Speak Freely

This document shortly describes some vacant positions in the club.

Feel free to use any means to contact us if you'd like to take on some of these responsobilities.


  • Regularly (~once week) contact people from SUSU media (radio "Elevate") and tell them what we is planned for the club upcoming meetings
  • Regularly (several times a year) write something about the club for local newspaper or anything :)
  • Compose a press release when a big event is organized

"Foreign guest inviter":

  • Stay in contact with AIESEC, and be aware of the incoming interns
  • Provided with a list of known foreigners contact them regularly (not often) and invite to the club
  • Whenever possible, ask them to hold a period in the club (needs to be coordinated with our schedule)

Meeting preparation assistant

  • Help new presenters to prepare for meetings. Give some advice about holding discussions and presentations. Help to choose the topic, etc.