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Vth Writing Contest

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Note to the readers: to ensure that the competition is fair, we ask you to kindly take time to read all of the works (except the last one which is optional) and vote for the one you like most here.


"SHE AND THEY" by LuckyInLife
They were standing next to a huge window watching the stars in the night sky.
She was a scientist in Space Research Center specialized on extraterrestrial contact. In reality, there were no any contacts. For years She was conducting research, analyzing data and waiting for something looking at the sky when She sneaked to Central Observatory.
He was her boss, a confident and wise man with a sympathetic glance. He shared her point of view, had less energy and more patience. They were both appreciate such discussions facing the Universe. Their conversation gradually moved into the mainstream of philosophical discussion, when they suddenly saw a bright flash in the sky. Considering their work, they had never seen something unexpected in the sky, all officials were always warned in advance about any space phenomena. Can you imagine a stir that occurred in SRC?
She suddenly felt like there was nothing to be afraid of. She stood still, giving sight to the sky without blinking. At the moment She looked like a stone statue. She felt extremely nice and easy. Her conscious quickly rushed away into space. Within seconds, she was light hovering in some limited space, but not along. Next to Her was something or someone as light as She was. It was something very pleasant, warm, soft reliable and enveloping. She was able to understand all Its thoughts and intentions and so was It. In an instant, she got all the knowledge of his race, their ways of life and communication among their own kind. She realized that these creatures do not require any bodies for the existence. They exist with independent conscious, but in the form of energy. Their race had already existed for a very long time. Their level of development was so high that they hadn’t experienced destructive emotions for centuries. They were empaths, they feel others emotions and take them on as their own. Therefore, they never quarreled, not hurt each other or lie. The purpose of their existence was to bring happiness to those around, accordingly it made them happy themselves. She understood He (now She knew It was a male conscious) would never hurt Her. He was proposing his race knowledge to the Earth. The need to share knowledge conditioned by the level of their development. He called her to explain, that their planet was so far from the Earth that they didn’t have enough power to communicate on the Earth directly. He had created a space, in which they were, only for two of them. And it was an achievement of enormous efforts. For further contact, they need to find out ways to enhance the signal from the Earth in order for conscious to reach Deep Space, where They in turn would create more space for communication.
A construction designed for signal amplification was built in a few years. She still remained a negotiator between the Earth and Them.
Over the time, the number of people using the platform increased, and in ten years thousands of people spent the biggest part of their lives out of conscious. They had families and friends There. While here on Earth, they had to return and feed their bodies. Some families resembled frozen picture. People sat at a table or stood motionless in the houses, their eyes were far away. Such people finely received life they could only dream of here, life without a warrior, without lies and betrayal, the constant feeling of lightness and flight, peace of mind and boundless happiness.
But those who are engaged in the project initially, had long lived There in space, and the platform was not serviced properly.
Once she was urgently summoned to the Earth and informed that the platform was destroying. Workers on it were in danger and the transfer of conscious needed to be urgently tear up. She would have to back sharply tens of thousands of minds on the Earth or lose dozens of workers lives.
She had felt uncomfortable on the Earth for many years as many people did. The Earth made her to become gloomy and depressed. She could hardly imagine staying here for a long period. It was about thousands of minds! May be we are not ready yet?

"Amazing story" by Renate
Lena’s dad worked in the north of Russia, a month on, a month off. One day he told his daughter to pass a package to one of his colleagues who worked in the same city with him. His colleague’s name was Alexey Dvadnenko, he was supposed to go the north of Russia the next week.
Alexander (Lena’s dad) explained to his daughter how to find his colleague, he told her his name and gave her his address. He repeated the information several times to make sure Lena’s got everything right.
His daughter went outside and headed to the place. But on her way to Mr. Dvadnenko she met her friends and chatted for a while. When she finished chatting, she realized she had forgot all the information her dad gave her. So she took her time to recall the name and the address and finally she came up with a wrong address and the wrong name which became Alexander Dinisenko instead of Alexey Dvadnenko.
But she didn’t have a clue that her memory had played a trick on her. Lena started to look for the address she thought her dad gave her.
She found the house and the apartment very fast (Author: the address was wrong, but she managed to find it somehow).
Lena rang the bell and when a boy opened the door she asked for Alexander Dinisenko. The boy said the man didn’t live there and closed the door.
Lena was surprised and rang the bell again. A woman opened the door and Lena asked for Mr. Dinisenko. The woman said he wasn’t at home at the moment and Lena gave her the package and asked to give it to Mr. Dinisenko. The woman kindly agreed to do that.
So Lena, satisfied with her accomplished task, came back home and told her dad everything was done and she gave the package to Mr. Dinisenko as he asked her to.
Dad was in shock!!!
He didn’t know any man with the name Dinisenko. The package was very valuable, so he nervously started to ask Lena who exactly did she give the package to.
Finally, they made it straight.
The house Lena created in her mind was next to the house Alexey Dvadnenko was living in. And there was Mr. Dinisenko in that apartment but his first name wasn’t Alexander. That’s why the boy said Alexander Dinisenko didn’t live there. But when the woman opened the door and Lena asked for Mr. Dinisenko, without saying the first name, the woman agreed to pass the package.
So, the miracle is that:
1. Mr. Dinisenko, the man whose name Lena created, did exist.
2. And more than that he was living in the apartment that was also created by Lena’s mind.
3. But that’s not all. Another thing that might surprise you as well is that Mr. Dinisenko was also working in the same city as Lena’s dad but in a different company. So when they met one day, Lena’s dad told him the story and they both were surprised that it had happened.


"Not war" by Kate Sid

The differences make people fight,
And they don't see a sun of life.
The war can sneaks into their brains,
So, they can see bad stuffs and rains.

Some boys can turn into the battlers,
And other children lose their fathers.
So, do you think is normal, dear
That life of people is a fear?

The benefits will never be
If you will always disagree
With fact, that kind-it's a law.
So, I want ask-make love, not war.

"Correct man" by shococo

Morning. A man sleeps in her bed. On o’clock 9:53 a.m. Man opens her eyes and looks at the clock. Than he fast races up and say “I’m so late! If I could change my morning I will so happy!” Suddenly light in the room becomes darkly. The clock move back and stop at 6:02 a.m. Man again opens her eyes and looks at the time then he checks her phone with alarm clock. It is turn off. Man think “strange dream”. He comes on the kitchen and become to make a breakfast. Careless step and milk box falls to the floor. Man again thinks that change this moment would be not bad. Like amazing he appears in another part of the kitchen and milk box is intact on the table.
— What? — Immediately he said. — How it was done?
Like that I opened my ability. So, it is a very interesting possible — travel between probable realities. Our World is part a lot of Worlds that can happen. Our life is slightly different from each of them. And we can elect only one road. But this rule is not for me.
I’m not a superman, but for me all is not problem, because I can elect any World with best possible for my life. For example, buy ticket and go by bus or come early and walking to my work. In first case I save my time, but in second case I meet my friend. Of course best variant is second. And so on. I can change my words in dialog; I can make this and don’t make this. It helps me very well.
You ask “Why are not you a millionaire?” So, I can answer you: it is not for me. At the beginning I though as also as you. I made my career and tried all. For it I even did not take a time! But in the end it begins not interesting. Life with a lot of money is very light. And every know that its spoil human. May be you don’t understand me, because you weren’t a millionaire. Let us think: if people make your status independently, they are very clever and purposeful personalities. But if not… they are a very pathetic people, because big money is a very big responsibility.
I’m usually human in this moment. And I made correct decision: I stopped using my ability. I understand that difficulties like medicament: when you drink little it have no effect, when you drink more you can dead. And if you drink right dosage, you will able to be happy! Sometimes I have to help people in difficult situations. But for himself I try to use my ability only in extra cases. And it very interesting! You can associate it with a computer game where you play on the hard level.
Many people don’t understand that all adventures in their life make unique character and every of us never repeat. It helps to develop World and makes new things.


 by Erzähler 

Spring is in full swing, and this particular time of year in a rather spectacular and vivid countryside is marvelous. Having been blanketed behind a thick haze, hills are still hidden beneath huge white crests of snow, though an observant wanderer would easily spot small patches of thawed earth here and there, were he to find himself meandering about that picturesque scenery. It’s already rather warm, and chitchatting birds are loquacious, singing incessantly; their effervescent and blithe banter echoes among snow-capped tops of trees. Nothing interrupts such an idyll; the air is fresh and redolent, filled with wafting aromas of snow, pine needles and jar.
Then, the sun stops beating ferociously from an unclouded sky, which by the moment has turned azure, and moves slowly towards the West. An encroaching night comes to reign over the forest, which is from now on silent and sinister. You feel a sense of trepidation and a vague foreboding, as you meander among the trees and hear the snow and pine cones cracking beneath your feet. You can neither stop to catch your breath, nor to adjust laces on boots, and, as you are walking deeper into the woods, it suddenly begins to dawn at you that the forest is not as silent and tranquil as you have thought about it; it’s full of life. You are enthralled with a veritable multitude of sounds – a crack of old trees falling apart under the weight of the snow on their tops, a never-ceasing and dreary howling wind in meadows lying ahead; an eagle-owl, relentlessly hooting somewhere behind you; then came a muffled sound of timber squares being hewed at a lumberyard atop a distant mountain. Your breath is just caught away.
It’s getting cold, and it’s about time you found a shelter. You can’t warm yourself, as bundled up as you are; besides, the darkness of the night will soon become too thick and you may easily go astray. You’re coming back, realizing that were you to have stayed in your dusty and stifling room, you would have never felt that invigoration that only spring forest can harness.


"2039" by The Cutest Man on Earth

Don't you hear my call though you're many years away,
Don't you hear me calling you,
Write your letters in the sand for the day I'll take your hand
In the land that our grandchildren knew.
Brian May

The man put down the rifle.

"Go ahead, man. But whatever you dig out, I keep 80 percent". He sniffled and wiped his hand on his shirt.

Mark went straight to the small room under the stairs where his dad used to store his tools, and got a shovel.
The backyard has changed beyond recognition. What Mark remembered to be an orchard - cherry trees that filled the air with their flowers' delicate scent and tiny alleys paved with pebbles - was turned into a junkyard full of old furniture and machines, rags and one-eyed toys. He was headed to the Tree, the huge century old sycamore that used to hold a tree house where he would play with this sister Annie - the stub was still there, he could see it amongst the junk.

The capsule he dug out did not have anything the new owner of his family estate could appreciate: just a letter and a couple of photos.

"Dear Mark,

It's been a while since you went on that trip. I used to send stuff to your e-mail and then to collect it on a memory stick, but I'm not sure if they still use USB when you're reading this, and Gmail has gone down already, so here I am in my eighties scribbling on paper. It feels so weird.
I don't know what to start with. It's the year 2288, I'm 75, and I have a couple of weeks left to live, the doctor says. You aren't coming back soon, so I guess it's my last chance.

Dad died 10 years into your trip. Accident with his chute, instant death. Mom could never live it down. She lost her mind completely, she wouldn't recognize anyone or say a word again. Sometimes she said "bam", though. We couldn't leave her like that, so we took her home and sold the house. She died next year after Dad. The new owner was kind enough to let me plant this capsule here in the backyard like we agreed when you left, even though it's been over 30 years."

Mark rubbed his eyes. He knew what he had signed up for, but that was way too fast. He saw his parents young, their eyes glowing, their hands casually waving goodbye just a year ago. This orchard full of people, a huge wooden table under the tree, mom's apple pie, dad's words, "Never look back, never fear, never cry". He read the letter till the end. It told the story of Annie's life as an architect and the mother of three kids who, in turn, had their own kids, and the story of America and the world evolving for the past century... Twenty-six years old, he has just aged one hundred years in one minute. And the next minute, he has to start over. He was tired to death.

He put down the letter, and the girl on one of the pictures caught his sight. It seemed like his mother was looking through that girl's eyes, and there was something reassuring in that look. They'd come back to the colony and bring the people there, he thought, and together, they'd be able to start anew and make no mistakes of the past. A pure, young world. A new, perfect life.

"Hey man, there any dope in that space colony you from?"