A free English-speaking club located in Chelyabinsk, Russia

Music Hall II organizational flaws

  • It must be agreed with FOCUS mall that their indoor Radio is to be turned off during the event (at least one day)
  • Download all music required for the event (we missed our Hymn and sountrack for the host)
  • If there is a delay due to some organizational issue, use it to tell people about our sponsors
  • Send a press-release to media no later than one week prior to the event (2 weeks is better)
  • Use a VK event to find participants (we got several new participants when the event was published, and it was 2 days prior to the day)
  • Auditorium must now what is going to happen. The adgenda of the event must be read several times, during the performance
  • Make a stand with some info about the club and event
  • The event host(s) must have at least one rehersal before the event
  • Do not forget to send SMS-notifications to all members (probably a day before the event)
  • Prepare posters in two languages if the event is held in two languages
  • Maintain the list of people who are not musicians, so that we do not call them when we are looking for participants
  • Ask for more money
  • Find more sponsors (we had only FOKUS... well, and SUSU)
  • All the work should be clearly divided between different people according to the areas (PR, design, ordering and buying, etc.)
  • The best singers/musicians should perform in the beginning and in the end
  • More boxes for donations (probably 3)