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FCE Mock Exam

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Thu, 2018-04-26 19:00 - 21:30

Attention! Registration is required. There will be NO ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES for any members of the club not taking the exam!

FCE is a B2-level English exam that proves that you have the language skills sufficient to live in an English-speaking country or study in English. It consists of the following parts:

  • Reading and Use of English - 75 minutes - includes some texts for reading with questions that test your understanding
  • Writing - 80 minutes - requires you to produce two pieces of writing such as an essay and a letter, report, or review
  • Listening - 40 minutes - includes some listening exercises that test your understanding of news programs, presentations, and everyday conversations
  • Speaking - 14 minutes per pair of candidates - requires you to speak on some topic and/or answer questions in a group with one or two other candidates

A mock exam is a simulation that uses the real tasks and atmosphere of an exam to give the participents a feel for what it is like to take a real exam. You won't get any certificates, but your attempt will be graded and you will receive any information and explanations that you need.

At Speak Freely, we use exam tasks and keys provided in sets of preparation materials or on the official website of the exam. Speaking and writing tasks are graded by members of the club with sufficient levels of English (C1-C2). Due to the length of the exam (3.5+ hours), the exam session will be divided into two parts held on different meetings: on April 19 and 26. For the same reason, we can only allow 12 participants to take the exam.

REGISTER HERE: https://goo.gl/forms/s3qKmVNWBoMGe7gp2

Event periods: 
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FCE Mock Exam: Writing

Produce two different pieces of writing, such as letters, reports, reviews and essays.

65 minutes
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FCE Mock Exam: Speaking

Test your ability to communicate effectively in face to face situations. You will take the Speaking test with one or two other candidates.

65 minutes