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Thu, 2017-06-22 19:00 - 21:30
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PhD in the US: from Application to Defence

I will share my story of obtaining a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Robotics Engineering from a US university.

It was a long way from starting my preparations in May 2010 to defending my dissertation in April 2017. I will try to cover various aspects of the process including the application submission, getting accustomed to a foreign country, graduate classes, working on a team, dealing with the advisor, reading and writing scienific papers, presenting at conferences, writing the dissertation, and, finally, defending it.

65 minutes
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100 to 1

Do you know one of the most famous TV quizes? Here, you should know obvious things. Each question has popular answers. And if you guess the most popular answer, you'll get some points. Join this game and see how fast you can find a decison!

65 minutes