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Afghan Script: the Funny Smile Face is a Letter

There are so many not very popular, but very interesting languages from the East: Afghan (or Dari) language is one of them. "But all these languages are like the Arabic language..."- you say. My answer will be "no"! They have a lot of similarities, but they are also very different. What is the difference between Dari and Pashto? What does this funny smile face in Afghan alphabet mean? I will try to answer these and other questions.

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Presentation: Linking Words

You know how to boost your first-grader English so that you instantly sound like a Harvard sophomore? Linking words! This is the magic pill that makes your speech sound organized, fluent, and logical. Even if it's not. We'll give you loads of examples and exercises so that you can practice, so don't be shy.

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Writing contest: tips and pieces of advice

You want to tell the world about your feelings, emotions. Or maybe you have a rich imagination and desire to write about starwars or vampires. Maybe you like the beauty of nature and you want to describe it. How could you express it? Believe me, writing is a fascinating process which helps people not only to exchange opinions but also train their brains and mind. How could you write a good story? Let's discuss it and create an algorithm for our competition "Writing Contest". Join it!

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Mock CAE: Writing, Speaking

The 2 last parts of the exam. Make sure you registered and/or attended the first part. Alternatively, call the organisers ;)

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Discussion: Writing Recommendation Letters

Anything can happen to you. Anything at all, even something you never expected to; just admit it.

And when there is a student coming up to you and asking you for a recommendation letter,you need to be prepared. Or eventually, when you are the student, but your teacher does not go to Speak Freely and was not prepared, you'll still need the letter. Let us see and discuss, how letters of recommendation are written, and never ever get caught unawares by the surprising and unpredictable stream of life.

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Short Stories

Many years ago the Daily Telegraph newspaper in the UK ran a writing competition. The idea was to write a story or essay in exactly 50 words - not one more, not one less. It's not easy to do, but it's an interesting exercise. Since then, readers of many other publications have been invited to try their hand at similar writing formats! We’ll also try!!

Photo description contest

Writing good story could be a difficult task, and everybody has at least once experienced a typical "writer's block", when it feels like there's absolutely nothing to write about. Taking good photos is another difficult thing. We will try to take the most interesting sides of these two things and put them together: we will write a story behind a good photo.

During so-called "photo description contest" you will be given some photos and will have to write a short story behind them. In the end of the period we will read all the stories and try to decide which one is the best.

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Writing game

We've had several games lately, some of which were writing games but THAT game was played before only once. Don't miss the second coming of it! You will be given a topic (just not to make you lose time thinking what should I write about?) and one or several rules to compose your text in acordance with (such as every sentence starts with the same letter or use no words with the letter B). Come and write!