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Do you still need to look at your passport every time you're asked for its date and number? Or search for your new credit card when shopping online? Can you call your dearest and nearest from another device when your phone's off?

Even if you're fine with all these things, be sure that you'll sharpen your memory during this hour! We're going to discuss and practice:

1) BASIC mnemonic techniques;
2) Remembering numbers and dates:
- Peg System (or Hook System);
- Phonetic number systems, and some others.
Bonus: Mnemonics for the number Pi!

Come and amaze your friends with your super memory!

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Creative Tools and Techniques

'Creative thinking - in terms of idea creativity - is not a mystical talent. It is a skill that can be practiced and nurtured.'

Edward de Bono

Have you ever found yourself staring at a blank page (Excel chart/B-day scenario) willing ideas to appear from somewhere?

Luckily, creativity is not a mystery restricted to a few gifted artistic people. There are several techniques you can implement to get those creative juices flowing again.

We are going to discuss and practice the most successful creative problem solving methods. These don’t just apply to content creation but can be also used in all aspects of life.

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How To Stand Up Comedy

Do you think you are funny? How do you know? What makes jokes funny? Let's find this out and practice making good jokes.

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English Phonetics: Should You Get Rid of Your Accent and How to Do That

Many people believe their foreign accent in English to be a problem. Is it really so? Should you do something about the way you pronounce English words and what exactly should you do? Let's figure it out together during this workshop where you will learn how sounds are made, what exactly makes the sounds of English different from those of Russian, listen to some native speakers pronounce certain words, and get lots of practice.

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Presentation: Snowboard repair and tuning

Does your local snowboarding shop charge too much for reparing your equipment? Yeah, I feel your pain. Today I'll show you how to repair and properly tune you snowboard at home at minimal cost and share some usefull tips and trics. Let the season begin!

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Presentation: Brickwork

We've all seen brick constructions, be it a house or just a garbage screen. People have used bricks for a long time, and now we think that it's the simplest you can think of - but it's not true, even a piece of baked clay has its peculiarities. I'll tell you about the types of brickwork there are, where thet are used, and more about this eco-friendly and durable material that can help bring to life the ideas of many architects. We'll also try to do some brickwork ourselves!

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Translation Workshop

Oh, you know English, so you can become a translator! Can this phrase you might already get tired of actually be true? Well, yes but no. To become a translator, first of all you must know your target language - in most cases, your own language - and know it well. In this workshop you’ll learn some tips and tricks from an actual translator with 3 years of experience who (surprise!) managed to make a good living by translating. You’ll learn about some common mistakes, do’s and don’ts, and, of course, try to do several translation exercises under careful supervision. Brush up your English and don’t forget your Russian!

Since this workshop is about translation into Russian, we'll violate the rules of the club and speak Russian. A lot. Beware!

The art of hugging


Baby monkeys

Have you ever had this awkward hugging experience of being hugged, but not really feeling like being hugged? If so, probably this workshop is for you. Using the example of tango dance, we will explain the importance of proper embrace, shed some light on the history and culture of hugging, learn some words to describe the process and the parts involved, and finally try to do the good hug ourselves.