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Professions and personalitites

This is a speaking game comprising of two sets of cards: professions and personality adjectives.

Each player is dealt five cards from the professions deck. A starting player is chosen, who will be judge for the round, and that player takes a card from the personality deck. They reveal the card to the other players, who then each choose a profession card in their hand which best matches the personality adjective. Then, players take turns explaining why their profession card is the best match to the judge’s personality card. After everyone has had time to explain their reasoning (including a degree of debate) the judge picks a winner.

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Here is a word for you, try to explain it to your team in other words so that they say it. Too easy? It is, now try and explain it without using these obvious associations.This is where it gets tricky: explain 'pilot' without saying 'fly', '(air)plane', 'airport' or 'jet', and be quick, because your time is ticking out!

This game is fun, suitable for everyone starting from the Intermediate level, and it does wonders for your speaking skills. Don't miss it!