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The English Race: Verbs of Movement

How will you go to Speak Freely today? Will you come skipping and singing along with the birds? Or will you drag your feet there? Or forge through dense underbrush, or wade in water? Will you stagger? Or plod? Perhaps, prance? In any case, we'll look at these words and more, compete in teams, do some sketches and have fun.

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Presentation: Sound Words in English

Vroom, whoosh, beep, bam! Grr... We'll look at some common sound words in English, and compete in teams to spice it up.

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How to win at Scrabble (in any language)

How much do you score for the game, on average? 150? 230? 300? 400? 600? What do you find more frustrating, Q or Z? Or have you never tried?

In this presentation, I am going to briefly explain the rules of this famous word game, talk about the most common success strategies and faults, give my own favourite tips, and finally we'll do some exercises and play a genuine game of Scrabble and see how all these things work together to help you win any game of Scrabble, any time, in any language.

Spelling Bee Contest


Funny game for enriching your vocabulary and spelling skills, please repeat the alphabet before participating :)