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Presentation: Traveliving

"I'm Sasha. I've been traveling around the world for 10 years. I don't have a house, a city, or a particular country to come back to when I run out of money. I find having an "ordinary life" with a "home" and a career boring and unnecessary. ​ For me, "home" is our entire planet Earth, and I think that it is time for us to analyze what we are doing on it".


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Presentation: Kazakhstan

What country is famous for horses, kumis, Borat, and EXPO-2017? You're right, that's Kazakhstan. Let's get to know this country a little bit more and hear some personal experience.

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Presentation: Planning your vacation

How to prepare for your vacation so that you do and see all (ok, most) of the planned within the time scheduled and don't return tired like you have been working overtime. We'll use USA as an example.

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New Zealand As a Destination to Experience

Why should you choose New Zealand as a place to live and study? To look for new opportunities? Come and hear me tell you all about this.

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Presentation: Abandoned cities

These cities are almost never visited by tourists, their residents are gone long time ago. Many are officially don’t exist anymore. But not being museums they are astonishing exhibitions of the history of human kind, some might call them snapshots of the distant past. Let’s take a virtual tour to some of them!

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Presentation: Long-Distance Driving

I will tell about my experience in long-distance driving.

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Presentation: Travel Life Hacks

Lifehacks are some pieces of advice to help improve our life, tips or tricks that will help you get things done more efficiently. Sometimes they are just an easy and convenient way to achieve your goals. So why don't we share them with friends?

Ilya is going to tell us about some travel lifehacks from his own collection and answer your questions about traveling and living abroad. We`ll be watching videos and even try to do some things by ourselves. Come and get ready to improve your life!

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Discussion: Immigration and Integration

We will talk about 6F model and discuss one's expectations while moving to another country(or place in general), ways how to fit into new environment and think if leaving the place you were born is really magic pill that would make your dreams come true. I will also tell about my personal experience adapting in New Zealand.a

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Discussion: Traveling

What are some good and bad things about traveling? What do you think about traveliving? Is travel helping the world? Let us discuss this and other questions.

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Presentation: Cruising

Anna Prokofyeva will tell us about her experience with working abroad and cruising.