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Discussion: Shopping on the Internet

Do you often buy stuff online? Are there any advantages or disadvantages to this type of shopping? Have you ever been scammed? What advice would you give to future online shoppers? Let's discuss!

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Wastewater Treatment

Have you ever wondered what happens with sewage once it was flushed down your sink or your toilet, whatever their content may be? Where does tap water come from and what are the means used to get it there? Quotidian as this subject appears to be at first glance, it is a way more complicated than you would imagine. Let me shed some light on the subject.

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Healthy lifestyle in the digital world: my fitness gadgets and apps

Healthy lifestyle in the digital world: my fitness gadgets and apps Do you consider your lifestyle as healthy? Do you sleep well and eat well? If yes, are you sure? Our bodies are complex mechanisms which can fiction properly only if we follow some basic rules. "But it is hard", a lot of people think. "We live in the digital world already!" I answer them. There are a lot of lifesaving gadgets and apps to live healthier.

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Debates: This House Would Ban Smartphones

Smartphones are a great invention our ancestors could not even dream of: know the answer to a question instantly, talk to a friend from a thousand miles away, get a picture of that friend, carry a million books in your pocket, play a videogame in a queue... However, it turns out that smartphones can just as well do more harm that good, from disturbing our social life to endangering our children crossing the road. Should smartphones be banned for good? Let us debate.

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10 Breakthrough Technologies

We used to talk about the amazing technologies we hope to have in the [distant] future. But what about today or (literary) tomorrow? Is there something cool you could get your hands on very soon? Yes, there is! And that's what we'll be speaking about.

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Presentation: Natural Language Processing. Why machines still don't talk like humans

Marvin (the robot): I've been talking to the main computer.
Arthur: And?
Marvin: It hates me.

Douglas Adams, the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Let's talk about one of the most-awaited features of modern technology: the ability of computers to learn human language. Yes, we do have voice recognition just about everywhere, and we do have Siri that can even answer (or pretend to answer) most personal questions, and we do have computers that can, to a different extent, process text and create their own, sometimes indistinguishable from that written by humans... but somehow we still aren't there talking to our smartphones over a beer nor asking questions to a teacher assistant bot in a science class. How did we get where we are now, how does it work and why computers still haven't got the hang of natural language - let's see.

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Debates: This House Would Ban the Sale of 3D Printers to Households

Having a 3D printer all to yourself sounds like a great idea for saving and even earning money... But is it equally good for everyone? Let's see...

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Debates: YOLO!

This House believes you should try everything, because YOLO.

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Presentation: Cyborgs

Today we're living in the world where we do not pay much attention to what people were only dreaming about just a few decades ago: smartphones, personal computers, world-wide network, robots, self-driving cars, genetics, AI. We take all this for granted.

It is not a bad thing.

But some of these new technologies do not just change our everyday life making it better (more efficient, more safe, easier, longer) - they seem to challenge the conception of humanity itself. They are going to change who we are.

And today we will talk about one of such technologies which is not just a term from sci-fi books but "soon-to-be-norm" reality: cyborgs.

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2014 IT Highlights

Let's take a look back at the year 2014 and recall what happend in IT that made the world talk about and what will change our lives in the next few years. I will tell you about several technologies that made news headlines that year.