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Presentation: Cybersports

Cybersport (that is, playing computer games like Dota 2) is now an official sport. Do you agree that those 'sportsmen' are lucky bastards? I sure as hell do; here, hold my be... or maybe not. How hard is spending hours hunched over a laptop with a headset on compared to a real sport? Should carpal tunnel syndrome now be considered an athletic injury? Let's discuss.

Presentation: Chess

Do you know what the chess pieces are called in English? Would you tell me how many unique combinations they form on the chess board? Would you care for a party? If you don't know the game, we'll teach you. Let's talk about chess!

Studying in London

Guys, today we have a Russian badminton champion in Speak Freely! She has so much to say about her studying in London and sport achievements. Valeria also has an experience of living in the USA! Questions are welcome!

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Discussion: Men and Women in Sports

What makes a sport typically male/female? Does such a delineation need to exist? Why the divide between spectators present at men's sporting competition and women's?