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Space Exploration: a Journey from the Past to the Future

How mankind explore the space? Why we do this? What do we know about space now and what can we do to know more? These and many other questions will be described at the presentation. You will see unique vehicles which explore the space now and will listen about magnificent data about our Solar System. You will know about nearest future of space exploration. We will discuss about what can each person do to help uncloak hundreds of questions and help to solve scientific problems.

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Presentation: Culinary Chemistry

Unfortunately, the subject of food seems to be entirely omitted from chemistry curriculum. To bridge this gap, I am going to provide some examples of what can be aptly described as 'culinary chemistry'. What causes apples to brown? Why does the yolk of boiled eggs eventually take that greenish colour? Why are saturated fats bad for your health? Why do oils get rancid?

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Presentation: Metals and Alloys

What metals and alloys are? However abundantly used, do we actually know as much about them as we probably should? What are their properties that make them so versatile and indispensable in each and every field? Whether we are going to review some stuff from school curriculum or learn something brand-new, I hope that at the end of the lesson everyone will have a chance to satiate their curiosity and, above all, have fun.

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Presentation: Psycholinguistics

Psycholinguistics studies the way in which operations of the mind make language possible. It is a cross-disciplinary field, drawing upon ideas and findings from areas such as cognitive psychology, theoretical linguistics, phonetics, neurology, discourse analysis, computer science, semantics etc. It also explanes the difference between female and male languages and can tell a lot about auther just analyzing his story.

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Presentation: Cellular and Fiber Optic Networks

I will talk about the telecommunication industry, especially cellular and optic fiber networks. I'll explain some important aspects of this industry and how it affects our health and our mood.

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Presentation: Nuclear Physics

Uranium-235, neutrinos, beta decay... Vasily, our nuclear physics expert, is going to tell you all about it tonight in a hilarious way like only he can.

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A Man Bites a Dog, or Tough Questions about Language

What is language? Do we think in words? How do deaf people think? Do African Americans speak wrong English? How do children learn language? How real is Newspeak? 

If you are curious about any or all of these questions and if you crave experiments, games, and good English, welcome to my presentation.

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15 Tips to Get the Best Sleep of Your Life

There’s nothing quite like getting a good nights sleep. Waking up refreshed, energized, and ready to take on the world is the ideal feeling that we all would love to have. I've dived into the research on how to optimize my own sleep few years ago when and would be happy to share what really made the difference for me and other people.

P.S. Most of my claims are backed by scientific studies, for which links will be supplied in the comments.

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Interesting Science Facts

Fancy hearing some exciting facts about nature? 

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Presentation: Paradoxes

Aporias and paradoxes may seem to contradict logic, intuition or just common sense. But most of them may have some reasonable explanation. Let us discover some of those.